Review: The Top 3 Best TPMS Sensors That Car Experts Can’t Stop Raving About

From the most handy to the most extensive in providing tire issue alarms, TPMS sensors have taken the automobile care market by storm. With all the options laid in front of every car owner, it becomes hard to figure out which TPMS sensor really delivers.

Thankfully, there is no reason to fret. Our group of car and motorcycle enthusiasts took on the grueling task of finding out which TPMS sensors work to save you from dealing with the frustrating – and expensive – low-performance sensors.

Read on to find out the best picks.

What Makes a TPMS Sensor Good

Time to address the elephant in the room – the factors that make TPMS sensors good. Some say the design matters, while some insist the focus should solely be in alarms.

To cut to the chase, we asked the most distinguished car enthusiasts, car care experts, and TPMS owners of more than a decade to help us come up with factors to look for in TPMS sensors.

First, the alarms should be able to detect issues real-time.

A TPMS sensor with a great detection system is a deal breaker. Not missing any important signal can save you from serious accidents.

Second, it should offer multiple signals.

The TPMS sensor of your choice should have more than 1 alarm. The more extensive the TPMS is, the better.

It should be versatile.

If you’re driving several cars, the TPMS sensor should be able to cater to all these cars.

It should be durable.

Our tires go through a lot on the road – hard terrain, rough roads, rocky and steep lanes. Some of the best TPMS sensors can cling onto tires durably no matter the shaking and impact.

It should be easy to use.

The TPMS should be easy to understand and interpret. When there are tire issues, you only have a couple of minutes to decide, so it’s important to catch any tire error that might be waiting around the corner.

Out of all the TPMS sensors that we reviewed and were recommended by the most trusted voices in the automobile and car care industry, here are the top 3 sensors that really made a mark.

1.Best Overall:DashDow Tire Pressure Monitor System

Sure, flat tires are annoying and dangerous, but no one seems to recognize that TPMS sensors can be too complicated to understand.

“I hesitated on getting a TPMS sensor at first because I thought it would make driving more complicated. Thankfully, there’s DashDow.” Jaxx, RV driver.

Unlike traditional tire pressure monitoring systems, DashDow makes convenience an integral part of its design. You can easily place the LCD view on the upper windshield so visibility will be easier for you.

The screen also flashes big, easy to pick up numbers to prevent you from missing or misinterpreting the data you’re receiving. The DashDow does not include any unnecessary information that might distract you.

The device comes with 5 alarm modes that are sent to the screen in real time. Alarms blare off quickly once immediate tire issues pop up.

This easy-to-use, quick-to-interpret TPMS sensor is great for those who want to invest in a sensor but wish to get the most uncomplicated product!

The DashDow requires no wires. Simply attach it on your tires, and the screen on your windshields, and you’re good to go.

Recommended features

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2.TyrGex Tire Safety TPMS Sensor for Motorcycles

“Motorcycles need a tougher, stronger type of sensor. These recent years, I’ve proven that TyrGex is the one that can truly stand the test of tough motorcycle rides.” Andrew, pro-motorcycle enthusiast.

This one’s for the motorcycle riders out there. The ones who love the wind, the rush, and the uninterrupted rides. The ones who can never take second chances when it comes to safety.

This is for you – the TPMS sensor made by motorcycle experts for motorcyclists.

The TyrGex is created for those riders who want to ensure that all their motorcycle parts are safe before going on a ride. The TyrGex saves you from endlessly squatting and checking your motorcycle; the sensor itself will provide the key details.

It comes with 7 essential alarms including quick leak alarm, high/low pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, battery alarm and sensor failure alarm. The device has the right mix of alarms for motorcycle safety; these signals are delivered real time.

You probably might be worried that the TyrGex might not be able to stand the bumps and rumps and its ability to sense tire issues might be affected. Good news, TyrGex comes with an improved detection system that uses chips to make data accurate and timely.

Just attach them firmly on your wheels, and you can drive out with confidence – they’re tough in taking in the various impacts on the road.

A definite must-have for motorcycle riders!

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3.ViaVad Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor Systems for RVs, Sedans, and Trucks

If you are an owner of multiple vehicles, and you no longer have the time to study out different sets of TPMS sensors, we have a recommendation – the ViaVad.

“The ViaVad makes the TPMS experience easier. This TPMS sensor can be applicable to all types of vehicles, automobile owners won’t have to study new sets or sensors for different cars.” – Marcus, Car Care Expert

The ViaVad is great for sedans, small compact cars, vans, RVs, and light trucks. What makes the ViaVad versatile is its capacity to cater to adjusted values. You can tweak one sensor set with values that might be different from your other ride.

This TPMS sensor has 5 alarm modes – one for high pressure, another for low pressure, one for high temperature, one for sensor voltage, and one for fast leak. All these alarms come in real-time; you won’t have to worry about missing important signals for your ride.

All the signals you will get from ViaVad’s wide, ultra-clear LED screen. If you want to see the digits easily while driving, ViaVad’s screen is for you.

If you want your TPMS sensor to double as a protective device for your car, then definitely include the ViaVad on your list.

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We can never be too safe when it comes to driving. If there’s a device that can make the driving experience safer, it’s always worth the investment. Our team believes a good TPMS sensor can have a difference in your driving safety. The products we included above are not just good, they’re the cream of the crop – each is a great investment you can make for your car and for you.

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