Review: The Best Gel Blasters to Buy in 2023 for Your Outdoor Shooting Games

Gel blasters are becoming more and more popular nowadays as its novelty draws in both kids and adults alike. If you’re doing outdoor games with your kids and friends, having gel blasters ready can turn an ordinary day into a day of laughter, action, and adventure!

There’s no denying that gel blasters should be in every fun-loving person’s home. But the big question is this: out of all the gel blasters offered in the market, which one should you get?

Game aficionados, parents, and several groups of friends joined us in our review of the most popular gel blasters in the market. For a span of two weeks, we put each gel blaster to the test, and we found the top three products that truly won our approval!

How We Decided + What to Look for in a Gel Blaster

We asked game aficionados, parents, and groups of fun-loving friends to put the gel blasters in action. After two weeks, we collectively determined which gel blasters are worth the money.

If you’re also looking for a gel blaster – especially the automatic and electric ones! – it’s important that you look for the following features:

Long-lasting Battery Capacity

Gel blasters rely highly on their battery’s overall capacity. Without a long-lasting battery, your games can end fast. For this reason, we only picked out gel blasters that can last from one to two hours!

The Distance of Shots

If you’re navigating in large, open areas, you need a gel blaster that can go the distance. We included the best products that don’t fall short in the distance department.

Magazine Capacity

When it comes to outdoor shooting games, ammunition is everything. We made sure to include products here that can handle loads of gels!

The Number of Gel Bullets Released per Minute

The higher the number of gels released per minute, the higher your chance of hitting your opponent.

Ergonomic Design

We looked for gel blasters that are easy and convenient to carry around while you play your games!

After our two-week review, we all decided that only three products are worthy of our recommendation!

1.Best Overall: HotBlast Electric and Automatic Gel Blaster with 2 Shooting Modes, Shoots up to 65Ft, with Automatic and Semi-Automatic Settings and High Capacity Magazine

Efficient long-distance shots? Check.

Powerful shots? Check.

Gel blaster settings for all types of players? Check.

High-capacity magazine for more than 3000 gel balls? Check.

Easy design that makes you move fast while playing? Check.

What else can we say, HotBlast really takes the top list for us as it checked all the boxes with regards to what players usually look for in a gel blaster.

We were so impressed that the HotBlast can shoot within the range of 15-22 meters – a great pick if you’re finding a gel blaster for a wide space.

The HotBlast also comes with two shooting modes – the automatic for those who want to shoot and shoot, and the semi-automatic settings that allow you to save gel bullets while you strategize.

The magazine can handle up to 3000 gel bullets in one go. The gel blaster shoots out up to 7 gel bullets per shot.

This gel blaster allows you to play without worrying about the mess. Once shot, the gel bullets dry up and evaporate quickly.

The HotBlast includes a rechargeable battery which runs up to 70 minutes when fully charged.

Recommended Features

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2.GexBlastin Electric Gel Blaster with Long-lasting Capacity, A Trajectory of 15-20 Meters, Automatic Gel Blast, and High-Capacity Magazine

If you’re looking into getting a more child-friendly option, we recommend the GexBlastin.

We love how it has a powerful blowback that exhibits how strong the power of each shot is. However, even if it has a full power, the impact isn’t as painful and hurtful.

This gel blaster gun also includes a sight for more precise shots.

We also are impressed at how we were able to achieve continuous shooting without a jamming motor or a magazine that’s stuck.

The gel pellets are also mess-free – they instantly evaporate on impact.

The magazine of the GexBlastin can store up to 2000 gel balls. The shot-per-minute ratio of the GexBlastin is 200 gel bullets per minute. You can stay in the game for up to 10 minutes with continuous shooting.

The battery capacity of the GexBlastin runs for up to an hour.

With each blast, you can get a total of 15-20 meters of range.

The GexBlastin is lightweight – you can easily bring it anywhere. Kids will also find it easy to maneuver.

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3.MaxoBoom Electric Gel Ball Blaster and Automatic Water Ball Splash Toy with Gel and Water Beads for Adults and Kids That Shoots Up to 300 Rounds Per Minute!

One thing that stood out about the MaxoBoom – it’s reliable motor that releases shots with no jamming! The motor is smooth and can blast out shots efficiently.

The MaxoBoom comes with 20,000 gel beads. The magazine can handle up to 2000 water beads in one go. All in all, the beads/minute ratio of the MaxoBoom is 300.

This gel blaster comes with a powerful motor that releases and ejects gel bullets at a distance of 15-20 meters.

The MaxoBoom delivers mess-free fun. The gel balls, once shot and hit something, immediately dries up.

What we also love about the MaxoBoom is its ergonomic design. With its solid handles and lightweight build, it’s easy to run around even while you’re carrying this gel blaster.

The MaxoBoom includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 hour when fully charged.

This gel blaster is easy to use – even kids will have fun with it.

Key Features



"Very Good"


Gel blasters can make ordinary outdoor days into ones filled with memories of fun and adventure with family and friends. You definitely deserve a gel blaster that’s high quality, efficient, and can keep up with action-filled games.

If you’re looking for the best gel blasters, you don’t need to look far. The top 3 products we recommend above are expert-approved, and recommended by outdoor aficionados!

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