3 Best Fog Machines to Level Up Your Next Party and Holiday Decorations

Ever since living the life of an event coordinator, I have found fog machines as a pivotal decoration to create a thrilling and exciting party experience. The mist and the combination of colors set the perfect mood to lose yourself to the rhythm and forget all the deadlines, tasks, and problems you have. Honestly, families and businesses I’ve worked with are willing to extend their budget just to have their stage and party engulfed with beautiful fogs.

So if you’re serious about adding this party effect to your future parties and holiday decorations yet wish to ditch premiums from professional installation and rentals, here are 3 of my favorite fog machines to DIY your fog-amazing theme. We’ve tested them on many occasions, and we can vouch for their effectiveness in turning the night into something worth remembering.

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1.Best Overall: ExoMists 400W Smoke Fog Machine with RGB Multi-Color LED (with Remote)

For a fog machine that fits every theme, the ExoMists is the best choice. This machine works wonderfully in creating that perfect party mood, staging, and decoration. With its 400W power, it can produce up to 2,000 CFM that can engulf an area of 8.20 ft distance. And to make the mist dance along with the rhythm of the music, the ExoMists come with 3-color LED light effect that makes the event even more lively and the decorations pop even more.

Personal Take: I like the ExoMists because it’s a complete package. Aside from the beautiful fog presentation, it’s 100% controllable via remote. You can control the fog’s release time to capture the perfect moment. And if used as a decoration for Halloween, for example, it lasts longer and produces more mist than ordinary machines. Plus, it comes with a heat protection feature to prevent overheating or burning out.

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2.Best for Stage Decoration: GeekProp x Rockville R700 Fog Machine with Remote, Fluid Quick Heatup

The Rockville R700 is one heck of a fog machine. This device features a 3,000 CFM capacity that runs at 440W power. It comes in both wired and wireless control, making it the best fog machine to create a thrilling stage performance backdrop.

Personal Take: If you’ve been shopping for fog machines, you know that the Rockville R700 is a popular name. What’s impressive with this is its compact standing size and the quality of mist it produces. This bad boy can fill the room with thick fog that takes your staging to the next level. Further, it’s 100% controllable, with a one-press operation that creates the perfect dramatic effect.

Personally, I see the Rockville R700 as a fog machine for live streamers and small-time filmmakers because of its excellent manageability. However, if you wish to use this as a decoration accessory, it may not be as effective as the ExoMists, whose fog-work blows continuously for hours. But, the package comes with an easy-to-install handle that allows you to place the machine in certain places depending on the drama you’re aiming to achieve.

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3.PYLODEX 1500W Party Stage, Up-Spray Fogger Fog Machine with Wireless Remote

Here’s another fog machine that will take your staging up a notch. The PYLODEX features an up-spray fogger that runs at a 1500W power output. It’s the go-to machine of nightclubs and theatre because of its intense release of up to 8,000 CFM quality smoke for that one-of-a-kind dramatic effect.

Personal Take: I always see the PYLODEX as the perfect fogger to make that big entrance. Yes, we’ve used the PYLODEX for many years; it never failed to amaze every audience. The intense up-spray creates that perfect moment that people will never forget. For parties, it’s the best accessory to pump up the crowd. What’s even better, it comes with a wireless keychain controller that allows you to perfectly time the fog for that big moment. So if your goal is to excite the crowd at your next party, you should try the PYLODEX Fog Machine!

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Fog Machines are a great accessory to level up your party and holiday decorations. However, not all foggers are made for the same purpose. There are versions made particularly for staging, while some are designed to hype the dance floor. But whatever your goal in mind, here are a few recommendations to consider before buying a fog machine:

Know Your Space

When shopping for a fog machine, it is essential to know how large of a space you’re trying to engulf with fog. That’s because not all foggers can disperse up to 8,000 CFM, which is enough to fog up the whole stage. Always remember, the higher the CFM, the bigger the area it covers.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Since you’re working with something that goes into the air, it is crucial to ensure the fog is 100% safe and non-toxic. You don’t want to compromise everyone’s health for just an hour of fun.

Durable Materials

A good quality fog machine can withstand all the chaos of the party. That said, choose devices made with sturdy, durable materials so that they’ll last for more parties to come.


The products listed in this review are my personal favorites. Over the years, I’ve used them on many occasions and have witnessed the advantages they can provide. So give them a try and take advantage of our site’s offers. I assure you, they’re worth every penny you’ll spend!

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