We’ve Selected The Top 4 Peephole Cameras You Should Get For Your Front Door, As Chosen by Experts!

Want to get a clearer look at what’s happening outside your door 24/7, but don’t want to be alerted by the presence of dogs, squirrels, and other harmless creatures around your home? You might want to consider getting a peephole camera, a discreet gadget you can easily place right on your front door, and in turn keep you, and your loved ones feeling at ease. Simply put, you can have one installed in your door’s peephole and have your porch secured even further. Still, if you and your family want something a bit more advanced, there are a variety of peephole camera options out there too, even allowing you to connect with your smartphone and get pop-up alerts whenever any activity that’s out of the ordinary is detected. Below, take a look at what you should look out for when buying a peephole camera, and which one you should get for your home with these top 4 peephole camera recommendations chosen by our in-house security experts.

What To Look For In A Peephole Camera

Video Resolution: More and more peephole cameras come with more powerful resolutions (including up to 1080p), so choose one that can provide a clearer image.
Additional Camera Features: This includes useful features like night vision, to help secure your home at night, motion detection, to notify you of any suspicious activity, as well as smartphone connectivity so you can monitor what’s going on, even if you’re not at home.
Storage: Every peephole camera comes with internal storage where it keeps the photos and videos it has recorded, so make sure to select one that has a larger storage capacity.
Battery Power: So your front door is guarded 24/7, get a peephole camera with a long-lasting battery, which usually lasts several months at a time.

1.Best Overall: WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera

In search of something beyond what the regular peephole camera, or even peephole lens can offer, but still easy to use even if you’re not that techy? With the help of our experts, we’ve found that the WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera does just that. This camera is distinguished by its high-tech Wi-Fi and mobile app integration: just install its official UBox app, and it will notify you whenever it detects any unusual motion, enough to send you a message when a delivery person is at your door, but not too sensitive that it’ll keep buzzing when a bird or a squirrel comes by. Plus, no matter how familiar you are – or not – with tech, you’ll find it easy to keep track of. It’s just like installing one more app for your smartphone! This is what makes our camera different from peephole lenses too, as these devices cannot be connected to Wi-Fi, compared to the WelcoSHIELD+ which can alert you anytime, anywhere, as long as you’re online.

Recommended Features

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2.A STANDARD, BATTERY-POWERED PEEPHOLE CAMERA: Doorcraft Premium 2.4" Peephole Camera

If you’re not really in need of any fancy features that can record visitors or passersby near your home, then you can rely on the Doorcraft Premium Peephole Camera to get the job done. It will have everything you need to keep your entryway secure, including a discreet design similar to a peephole, night vision, internal storage, and an automatic capture system that takes a snapshot of visitors who press its “ring” button. We do feel more limited by its camera though, as it only has 0.3 megapixels, and can capture footage at a mere 90º angle. Still, it’s definitely the most accessible and easy to install option on our list, which is worth noting if you want a high-quality yet affordable camera to guard your front door.

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3.ALSO GOOD, BUT NEEDS BATTERIES: PorchSECURE 3.5 Inch Peephole Camera

With some features outdoing other cameras on our list, we had to include the PorchSECURE Peephole Camera as among the best of 2022. We mostly love its wide-ranging camera that can capture more than a million pixels, and at a broader 130º range, allowing you to truly monitor the comings & goings happening by your home. Installing it is a lot easier too, with a complimentary screw set that will save you the hassle of finding the right screw to fit your door. One downside however is that it does need 4 AAA batteries to run compared to the first 2 cameras on our list, though it still makes for a great peephole camera overall.

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4.WITH ADDED SECURITY FEATURES: GuardStream EXTRA Security Peephole Camera

Feel like you need an extra layer of safety at home? Thinking of an easy way to beef up the security of your property, even if you’re doing your errands elsewhere? The GuardStream EXTRA Security Peephole Camera has got you covered, with a heightened set of features to help maintain your peace of mind.

At just the press of its “Ring” button by a visitor, it captures their photo or video, so monitoring guests, or deliveries at your door becomes easier. Almost every detail can be captured too thanks to its HD camera that’s designed with a 120º viewing range, so you won’t have to worry about looking at blurred pixels or cropped out images/videos when examining the camera footage. With all of these easy-to-use features in mind, our experts have picked the GuardStream EXTRA Security Peephole Camera to be the best of 2022!

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In this day and age, it’s important to invest in quality security that will help guarantee your peace of mind. We recommend starting with a peephole camera, a discreet device that has all of the features you need to monitor visitors or passersby by your home, and notify you for any suspicious activity that may go on. This may well be your first line of surveillance, so might as well get a peephole camera with the enhanced features to keep you safe, including night vision, motion detection, and app connectivity for any device. Luckily, with our experts’ picks for the best peephole cameras for 2022, you can confidently be on your way to greater home security.

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