Top 8 Best Instant Coffees – After Trying 26 We Picked The Top 8

Instant coffee is often frowned upon by coffee purists. That’s because it’s often more bitter and harsh to taste than freshly brewed coffee and is nowhere near as satisfying. However, there’s no denying that it is an inexpensive and easy option for those needing a hassle-free coffee.

Because of this, we are not averse to using instant coffee from time to time, and occasionally, it’s even the best available option.

Another consideration is improvements in technology over recent years. These are allowing big companies to the flavor of their instant coffee far more palatable. Meanwhile, a host of specialty roasters now join the instant coffee game as well. As a result, in our opinion, some instant coffees are more than decent. So, which ones are worth considering?

There are many instant coffee brands on the market, and while having so much choice is a good thing, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the one for you. However, we have tried out some of the best to give you a better idea, as this article details.

Javy Instant Coffee

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Gold Weasel espresso powder is a quick and convenient way to enjoy an espresso drink without waiting in line at your local cafe. Gold Weasel is made with 100% Premium Vietnamese Robusts coffee beans, so there aren’t any added chemicals or surprise ingredients. With this espresso powder, you don’t need any fancy machines; just add hot water and stir. The only downside to this espresso powder is that it isn’t available in stores, so the only way to purchase it is on the website. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the product, you can send it back for a refund. The company does not pay refund shipping and handling charges in the event of a refund, but after tasting this espresso powder, I doubt you will be returning it.

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Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee



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2,489 Reviews

Waka Medium Roast Instant Coffee




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King Arthur Espresso Powder




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Hoosier Hill Farm Pure Espresso Powder




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Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso Powder



"Very Good"

913 Reviews

Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Powder



"Not bad"

412 Reviews

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"Editor's Pick"

4,722 Reviews

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