Top 5 Paid Survey Platforms In 2023

Want to earn some extra money while doing something super simple and oftentimes fun?

Paid Surveys have risen in popularity over the past few years, and now there’s tons of options out there to earn an extra buck by simply answering a few questions, so we decided to test the best paid survey platforms out there to see which one gives the most money in the least amount of time.

Our testing revealed that the most recognisable survey-brands were not the best performing ones – and that actually a newer competitor in the space offers the best payouts, while also being the easiest to setup and use.

Here are our Top 5 Picks for this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

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Average per survey: $.50 to $5

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Average per survey: $.50 to $2.00




Average per survey: About $.75




Average per survey: $.45 to $.90




Average per survey: $.50 to $4.00


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Average per survey: $.50 to $5


Branded Surveys allow users to earn points from each survey that are turned directly into dollars for easy management and a simple process.


The company is a leading market research firm that has surveys that will be helpful in product decisions and the improvement of company operations across a wide range of industries.


The online surveys are paid out once you reach just $5, and then you can choose from a number of methods for payment.

We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Paid Survey Platforms In 2023. Here's Why Branded Surveys Is #1

SUMMARY: Branded Surveys is the best paid survey platform because of how comprehensive the site is in terms of the number of surveys available as well as the overall simplicity of completing surveys to earn money. With a signup bonus and the need to only spend a short amount of time on any survey, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked for a number of different survey companies and found that my contributions earned a nice little bit of extra cash. Throughout my time, I have answered emails and responded to requests from all sorts of companies. I have a site that I’ve used for years like this, and what I thought was pretty much the best deal out there.

Survey sites get a lot of bad publicity as many people think they are a scam. Yet, in my experience, the site I was using was reliable and authentic. When I was asked to write a comprehensive review that looked at a lot of the different paid sites out there, I thought this would be pretty easy to do, and I assumed I knew which would be the top site – the one I’ve been using for so long.

I was wrong. I will admit it, and I’ll be honest, I’m really glad I did this review so that I could learn more about the other options out there. Here’s why Branded Surveys is the best option out there for those who want to earn a bit of money from doing surveys online.

First Impressions

When I got to the website, I was initially pretty excited. The site is easy to sign up for, even using your Facebook account. It takes about 3 minutes to register and go through the process. Here’s what’s great. The company even created a website video that shows you exactly what to do and how it works. That transparency long before you have to actually give them your name is a nice touch.

I signed up, and it took me about 5 more minutes to realize just how much fun this site could be. First, you can redeem your earnings in several ways – by PayPal, Visa, or I even sent the site to my friend who lives in the UK to let them know that they could use it as well (so can those in Canada).

After All Of This, I Was Ready To Get Started

I signed up and got a $1 bonus. I only needed to reach $5 in order to cash out, so I was pretty confident I was not going to have to waste a lot of time on this process.

There’s no cost to sign up for the account. That is different from some of the less desirable companies that charge you a fee just to set it up or a fee when you are trying to cash out.

After signing up and going through a series of demographic questions, I found the site was simple to navigate.


Now that I was set up and excited to get started, I wanted to do a survey. A lot of the other sites out there require you to spend nothing short of a lifetime waiting for surveys to come to your email. That’s frustrating for those who want to get started right away.

With Branded Surveys, there is a Survey Matching Engine that is on the site to use. You can use that to help you find surveys that you already qualify for and can complete right away. This is an important tip. The site provides you with a Survey Spotlight on the dashboard. That’s going to show the current 3 surveys that you qualify for and can take.

However, there are a lot more options when you use the Survey Matching Engine! In other words, keep looking.

Once I found a survey I wanted to take, the process was simple, and there were not a lot of ads to weigh it down and slow down the process. In fact, I found it to be super efficient in the design, which is important for busy people who do not have a lot of time to sit through ads.

Each survey lists the amount of time they will take (that’s nice for busy people), and most of them were around 5 minutes. It lists the number of points you’ll receive for completing the survey too. You can easily go through the questions in the survey and answer them quickly. I didn’t find any of the surveys I took to be complex or even boring.

There were a few surveys I did not qualify for, and that makes sense. I like that they give you a few points for just checking out those surveys to see if you could do them. It’s something, at least.

In the course of a few days, I was able to complete around 10 surveys, and I would say the process took between 10 and 20 minutes for each survey. That’s pretty great. Some of them were about food. Others were employment information, or there was a survey about pet food that I completed. There’s lots of variety, and a lot of them are pretty high paying from what I would consider my experience with surveys.

So, then there’s the Branded Elite Program. As you complete surveys, you move up in the tiers that range from Bronze to Silver to Gold. As you go through this process based on the number of points you earn, you get to a point where you are earning bonus points. It’s all about the number of surveys you complete in the timeframe.

What Makes Branded Surveys Different From Other Sites?

There are a few key things that help this survey site to stand out compared to others.

  • Potential to earn more – With the ability to increase the number of surveys you do and how much you can earn makes this platform one of the best out there. The Elite program is a great feature.
  • Ease of use – I love that you can adjust the frequency of emails so that if you are not interested in completing any surveys, you can reduce how many emails you get.
  • Cashing out – It’s simply to cash out, and you can have funds sent to your Branded Pay, their own option, PayPal, and others so that you get money the way you want to do.
    It’s easy to earn – It took me about 3 hours to earn more than enough points to cash out, and there is a lot more potential to do that on an ongoing basis.
    Additional options – There are also a few ways to earn more, like getting points for referring a friend or completing the daily poll. I have not seen a lot of this on other sites.


Branded Surveys is an engaging website that is not just about completing email surveys but having some fun at the site as well. There are various tools to help keep you motivated and loving the experience. You will also find the entire site is well designed without a lot of ads getting in your way. If you want a consistent way to earn, this is the route to take.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Do I have to give them my personal information?

You have to provide some basic information so they can pay you, but you are not sharing personal information on each survey.

Q: What if I don’t answer honestly?

As a larger marketing firm, they have tools in place to catch mistakes – if you answer that your income is $30,000 on one survey and $80,000 on another, they will catch it!

Q: Can anyone use it?

If you are at least 16 years of age, you can sign up. You’ll have emails sent to you or have available surveys on the site.

For those looking for a reliable tool for earning some money, Branded Surveys is the easiest option when it comes to paid survey platforms.


As of January 06, 2023, Ever since Branded Surveys was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated.