Top 5 Mandoline Slicers In 2023 Based On Quality, Features, Price & Customer Ratings

Anyone who cooks vegetables knows that finger slicing is a common problem, especially when creating even slices. Mandolines are not new but fell out of use for quite a while because they were inconvenient and posed an even larger risk for damaging fingers due to their very sharp blades.

New products are hitting the market that is making slicing far more efficient than ever with added safety protections in place. That’s why we decided to check out all of the products on the market and find out which were the best for 2023. Surprisingly, there are a few outstanding options out there.

Our testing was interesting as we found that a wide range of products was priced fairly high and was not necessarily the best. In fact, our test winner was from a small company. Its features stood out from the competition, and its everyday ease-of-use couldn’t be beaten even by the biggest brands.

Here are our Top 5 Picks for this year and a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

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Price: $69.99  $139.98 




Price: $40.00




Price: $23.00




Price: $102.00




Price: $60.00


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Price: $69.99  $139.98 


The chopping mechanism is designed to keep hands safe while ensuring the perfect slice every time.


Choose from numerous styles of cutting and for most veggies, fruits, and meats.


This mess-free design is extremely durable, with a sharp blade that maintains its ultra-sharp edge.

We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Food Slicers. Here’s Why Popp Chopp Is #1

SUMMARY: Designed for incredible durability and ease of use, Popp Chopp makes chopping anything, from potatoes to pork belly, easy to do. All cut product lands right in the storage container creating no mess. More so, Popp Chopp keeps hands safe from cuts, allowing chefs to power through their work at full speed with no risk.

They are currently offering 50% off first orders on their website

UPDATE – We just learned that Popp Chopp sold out in retailers nationwide. There may still be some available on the company’s official website LINKED HERE!

As a chef, I’ve spent years slicing, dicing, and cutting food in the kitchen.

We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our knives and often people think it’s the main tool for a chef. And for the most part, it’s true.

However, every chef knows that the mandoline is their best friend as it works through everything with both speed and efficiency.

Now, I would have easily recommended the professional-grade higher-end models from well-known brands in the past.

But after doing this review it’s become clear to me that it’s not really necessary to spend a lot of money on those products. In fact, the best slicer actually turned out to be the most affordable as well.

I am happy to admit I was wrong thinking that you had to spend big money as Popp Chopp simply outperforms the competition when it comes to convenience, safety, price, and most importantly, producing a beautiful sliced product.

First Impression

The package arrived a few days after I ordered it. I initially thought it was pretty lightweight, which worried me as it could indicate poor materials.

But when I unpacked it I found the opposite, a nice compact little thing made out of high-quality materials. I was relieved. However I had to test it beyond its looks, but so far so good.

The entire mandoline came folded and was easy and intuitive to prepare for work.

To me the main problem with any kitchen appliance is the workload of assembling, mounting, finding the right parts, etc. Often I just do the job with a knife thinking I’ll be done slicing in the time I’ve set up shop with whatever thing I’m going to use.

But the Popp Chopp is not bigger than a book, and you only have to open it into an X formation, and you’re good to go which really motivates me to use it.

The blades are razor-sharp and the rest of the design is robust and sturdy – I put my hand on the top and applied pressure while listening for cracking sounds – A good way to determine quality – And there was not a single squeak or cracking, Popp Chopp is made for heavy work!

I was impressed simply because of the overall design and the quality of the materials, especially for the low price I paid for it.

Design And Features

Mandolines are supposed to be pretty simple and straightforward, and I am glad that this is the case with Popp Chopp. Still, it has a few key features that help make this the best mandoline out there.

Safety & Speed – Normal mandoline usually has you “playing it like a guitar” with your hand, striking the blade back and forth. Popp Chopp on the other hand works by pressing a “pump” that moves the blades up and down. So your hand isn’t even close to the blade, so you won’t need additional chain mail gloves or a safety device for holding whatever you’re slicing.

Controls – There are five interchangeable blades. Allowing you to cut various thicknesses, giving you full control of how your food will be sliced, from julienning to paper-thin slices ranging from 0.3 inches to 0.03!

Maintenance – In addition to collecting food in the container, the Popp Chopp solves a problem I’ve always encountered.

Whenever small bits of food get stuck in between knives or other tight corners it’s hard to get them loose without damaging either the knives or my fingers, but Popp Chopp comes with a small brush for this very purpose, and it works like a charm.


I grabbed a bunch of veggies and fruits and set the entire device up.

Potatoes, carrots, and other hard items were no problem. I was impressed with the ease – no pushing on the blade to get good results.

Next, I tried some softer items, which can sometimes be harder to slice as they can sometimes be crushed instead.

But even with cheese, it was easy! So was the pork belly I had in my fridge and It even did some soft tomatoes flawlessly!

I switched out the blades several times to try different cuts. I love that the whole thing is durable and doesn’t fall over when using it. I could easily switch out the blades in seconds instead of having to take the entire thing apart and start over.

After I was satisfied with the slicing and chopping, I went to clean up.

The pieces come apart pretty easily and allow for quick cleanup. The blade was easy to rinse off with water. As noted, that brush made easy work of any residual materials. Fast and simple – just the way all good kitchen tools should work!

What Makes Popp Chopp Different From Other Products?

Super Safe to Use – The protection for hands is really an outstanding feature.
Sharp, Durable Blades – The blades are available in numerous sizes and shapes but are very durable and sharp!
Easy Cleanup – There’s a brush to help with cleanup, and it can be rinsed easily.
Container Storage – I love that it comes with a container, which is something other brands don’t offer.
Small Size – Great for those without a lot of storage space.


Simply, I found Popp Chopp to be highly efficient and easy to use. It’s designed for everyday use, and I can really tell as it’s been able to hold its edge for 6 weeks with constant use!

Unlike other mandolines and kitchen appliances that just collect dust in my cabinets, I’m motivated to use Popp Chopp as it allows for easy setup and storage as well as makes the cleanup a breeze.

Popp Chopp really is an outstanding tool, especially because it does the same quality of work as much more expensive slicers for a silly fraction of the cost.

A Recent Problem Occurred

I have to tell you about a recent update I received. It seems to be hard to get a hold of Popp Chopp because it is selling out everywhere.

I recommended it as a gift for a friend of mine to give, and she couldn’t find the original Popp Chopp. Instead, she ended up buying a copycat product, and it was basically a scam product.

Here’s my recommendation. Go to the official website LINKED HERE where the company is currently running a 50% discount. That way, you know you’re buying an authentic product at the best possible price.

How To Order Popp Chopp

  1. Visit the official site. I’m linking it HERE
  2. Get the 50% discount if it is currently available
  3. Select the number of devices you want
  4. Add in shipping and payment information
  5. Get ready to slice up everything with ease

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Can Popp Chopp do a good job on hard vegetables like potatoes?

Yes, it does recommend peeling anything with very hard skin though.

Q: Can I put it into the dishwasher?

Yes, the components are dishwasher safe.

Q: I need a slicer for my restaurant kitchen, will this work?

Yes, it’s durable enough to be used every day and with good reliability.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some Mandolines cost $200 or more. These are well-known brands and consist mostly of stationary kitchen countertop models.

Popp Chopp does the same work as any of those mandolines. It has an original price of $139.98. But since the company currently has a 50% discount (we don’t know how long that will last), the price comes down to only $69.99!

You can currently get the 50% discount HERE.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

It’s affordable because it’s a small company without a big budget for advertising. It’s also not stocked in stores, which means the company isn’t paying high prices for warehousing.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

the market.

Since they know they have a superior product the discount will increase their promotion, and it sure seems to work as it’s constantly selling out.

Get your Popp Chopp from their official website >>>


As of January 10, 2023, Ever since Popp Chopp was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product and wants people to try it out that they are now offering up to a 50% discount.