Top 5 Home Security Systems In 2022 Based On Features, Affordability & Customer Reviews

Do you know how secure your home really is? Do you have a hidden key under a stone, pot, or mat?

Carbon monoxide detector? Video Doorbell? Flood alarm?

Home security systems have evolved to be automated guard systems that serve you and your home, while also deterring thieves.

We set out to test which home security system is best.

And our #1 pick custom designs security for your home and needs.

Here are our Top 5 home security systems for this year, with a full review of the best at the bottom:

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Price: Starting at $19.99 per month




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Price: Starts at $36.99 per month




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Price: Starts at $27.90 per month




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Price: Starts at $17.99 per month




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Price: $49.00 per month





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Price: Starting at $19.99 per month





Get just the type of security you need. From Fire, Flood, Burglar, and Car alarms, to automated thermostats, lights, and locks. Get it smart, safe, and automated.


Vivint specialists will install your home security system with your input on design and function, and show you how to use it.


Get a system that fits your property and budget. There’s a package for every budget, including 0% financing.

We Bought & Tested The Top Home Security Systems. Here’s Why Vivint Is #1

SUMMARY: Vivint offers a comprehensive home security system that can meet just about any need. including 24/7 monitoring, flood, fire, and carbon monoxide detection, motion-activated video and alerts, live streams for mobile devices, and much more. It is a fully comprehensive home security system that is easy and convenient.

Your Interest At Heart

I used to think that home surveillance was only accessible to the rich and famous.

But since technology has become more affordable the market has flooded.

There are a lot of low-budget video doorbells and alarms that cost money without being reliable.

So when I got in contact with Vivint to see what they could offer I held my guard up, prepared for upselling and scare tactics that would make me buy complicated and expensive gear.

But it turns out that since they’re already the #1 home security provider, specializing in every type of security and protection, they only need to have my interest at heart to secure their status.


Customized For You And Your Home

Vivint products create a fully integrated security system designed for your home specifically. The system works as one so no matter if you secure every door, window, and blind spot, it’s one simple system.

Secure, Deter, And Alert

Don’t just get a better lock, or record crime, Vivint prevents crime from happening!

Their outdoor cameras intuitively identify deliveries from lurkers and scare the unwelcome away with light and sound.

One Simple & Easy Platform

The best tool is the one you use.

Vivint has poured a lot of resources into making an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to control all of its security and automation products like locks, cameras, lighting, and thermostats.

Use the app or the hub or even your voice as everything seamlessly works with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart And Automated

Even though a system is easy to use, as easy as flicking a switch, it’s easy to forget the smallest things some days.

That’s why many of Vivint’s features can be automated so you don’t have to worry while you’re away. Locking doors, adjusting lights, heating, and arming your home security system can be automated for you.

And if your kids are locked out, or someone is at the door, you can easily handle it from your smartphone.

What Can You Get?

From sensors, smart locks, temperature regulation, and lighting, to indoor and outdoor security cameras to increasing the convenience, security, and efficiency of your living space, all in one system.

Vivint’s security system knows the difference between people, pets, and cars, so you’ll only get relevant notifications. Enjoy peace of mind with an indoor and outdoor security camera that is always on duty and allows you to talk with family members or pets right through the camera.

Keeps an eye on your home at all times, alerting you and the proper personnel if an alarm is tripped or something happens.

Notifies you when packages arrive and proactively protects them. Two far-field mics with echo canceling, night vision, 180°x180° field of view, and 1080p resolution.

Glass break sensors and burglary detection so you and the authorities know if someone tries to enter your home when your system is armed.

When the camera detects a lurker or threat it activates a bright LED ring and 90 dB speaker, letting the potential thief know they’ve been caught on camera.

Vivint‘s Smart Hub lets you view your camera footage, lock your doors, and manage your home automation, but also features a panic button so you can get help with the touch of a button.

Eliminate keys and instead assign up to 30 unique access codes that unlock your door. Your smart security system even tracks who locks and unlocks doors at any given time.

Monitor, protect, and control your light from the Vivint app. It’s easy to set up custom actions to have your lights turn on automatically after dark.

Access and control your home security system from your smartphone app wherever you are.

Control your Vivint system with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The in-home sensors are smart enough to turn up, turn down and turn off to keep your home comfortable and conserve energy. They’ll auto-adjust based on your preferences whether you’re home or away.

That can sense heat, alerting you and your family to danger before you even smell smoke.

Identify and protect yourself from this silent killer.

Secure an often-overlooked entry point into your home. Never again worry you left the garage door open. Close it right from your phone wherever you are.

Receive alerts if anyone disturbs your car. Whether it’s bumped, towed, or stolen, even diagnose issues, all from your phone.

Vivint’s Emergency Pendant works as a safety alert bracelet or necklace. If a fall or another emergency occurs, a button Connects the wearer to Vivint’s award-winning support team that will assist with the next steps.


I love Vivint’s home security! I feel like my home matches that of Tony Stark in Avengers. It doesn’t only keep me safe but helps me maintain and manage my home.

The most obvious perk is the doorbell camera as I can see who’s there on my phone and even talk to them without getting up from my couch.

But it’s the small things that you don’t think about, like being able to turn off or turn on the lights, and change the temperature when you’re not home, but mostly, the fire alarm and flood alarm will alert me if something happens when we’re away. Now I know I’ll never come home to a pile of ashes or a pool in the basement.

How to Get Your Vivint Security System

#1 Sign Up & Book A Call

Click the link below to sign up. You’ll jump on a quick call with Vivint that will help you understand the right kind of security for your home.

#2 Customize

Vivint will help you choose the right cameras, door locks, and other smart products with your interest at heart. Monitoring services start at $19.99 per month + equipment purchase.

#3 Installation

Professional installation is included with every Vivint system. And they will take their time to show you how to use it so you’re in full control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a home security system cost?

At Vivint, every system includes 24/7 monitoring services starting at $19.99 per month plus the cost of equipment, which can be financed over time. Talk to a Vivint specialist about any ongoing promotions that may include free installation.

Q:Is a home security system worth the investment?

If you have the right system and products in place, a home security system is definitely worth the investment. It’s hard to put a price on the security and peace of mind that come with home security. Installing a system can also increase your home’s resale value and help you save money on utilities.

Q: Is home security necessary?

If you want your home protected, a home security system is absolutely necessary. With a home security system coupled with 24/7 monitoring, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is always covered by a team of professionals no matter where you are. They hear alarms; notify you of emergencies; and work with you when you’re away to ensure that when situations arise, the proper help is dispatched.

Q: Can I install my own security system?

While DIY continues to increase in popularity when it comes to installing a home security system we highly recommend avoiding the hassle and leaving it to the professionals to ensure the work and serve their purpose. With Vivint, professional installation is included in your smart home package.

Q: What do our customers say about Vivint?

For people with disabilities or physical limitations, a Vivint system automates tasks around the house with features like voice control, smart locks, and smart lighting. Customers praise Vivint for the peace of mind that comes with round-the-clock professional monitoring, temperature automation, and messages regarding severe weather conditions so they can act quickly and keep their homes and family safe.


As of December 07, 2022, Ever since Vivint was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated.