Top 5 Diabetic Diet Programs Based On Ease Of Use And Results

Do you find work, family, and other responsibilities make it hard to focus on eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight?

If you have diabetes, balancing out life and wellness can become a real issue.

Diabetes diet apps help people who want to fight diabetes but can hardly find the time.

We set out to evaluate the top diabetic diet programs to determine which one is really the best.

We were surprised to learn that one of the best options was not only the most affordable but the most comprehensive assistant as well.

Here are our Top 5 for this year, with a full review of our winner at the bottom:

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Price: As low as $5.59 per month




Price: Meals start at $8.10




Price: Starts at $59.00 per month




Price: Starts at $7.99 per serving




Price: Starts at $11.00 per serving


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Price: As low as $5.59 per month


Designed to do all that you need in one place, Klinio is an easy-to-use app to help you manage diabetes (or prediabetes) from home with meal planning.


The beginner plans are excellent and provide all of the information and support needed to just get off the ground. You do not have to buy expensive equipment, either.


Use the mobile or desktop version to not just track meals and exercise but also to learn about improving diabetes, and get support from the community, too.

We Bought & Tested the Most Popular Diabetic Diet Plans. Here’s Why Klinio is #1

Klinio is a Virtual assistant that helps you with “everything diabetes”. Delicious food, shopping on a budget, weight loss, working out, and general management. You customize it to your needs, and Klinio serves.

Klinio Is A Convenience, Not A Penalty

I developed type 2 six years ago, and I feel like I got the news yesterday because I still struggle to manage all the details and keep neglecting my health.

I guess old habits die hard, and the fact that all the help I got when I was diagnosed felt like a punishment. Do this, don’t do that! And especially don’t enjoy any of it.

But it turns out that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” or something like that.

Because Klinio has turned a lot of my life into an opportunity instead of a penalty.

Personalized App (And Desktop Version)

I set up a free account to see what it was like and loved the interface right away.

It’s easy to navigate, and once you submit your personal information, and preferences like diet and lifestyle, you’ll soon understand what they mean by having a virtual assistant.

It doesn’t tell or order you, but guides you through your day/week/life.

Virtual Assistant

You only have to tell Klinio about your food preferences, perhaps you’re vegan, vegetarian, or eat everything. Maybe you’re allergic to nuts or lactose. Even if you just don’t like the taste of something like onions or zucchini, Klinio will take care of it.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

In my case, I’m thankful that Klinio considers my irritable bowel syndrome.

When creating my personalized nutrition plan, designed to manage my diabetes and keep me happy.

I even got to customize the number of meals I want Klinio to plan for, 3, 4, or 5, how active I am, and what my ideal weight is.

Delicious And Easy Food

Cocking food isn’t a problem, I’d even say it’s fun, but figuring out what to eat is a burden.

Klinio helps you make these decisions from 45,000 different recipes! And no, you don’t have to choose from 45,000 recipes, Klinio will make a weekly recommendation for you.

15 - 20 Minute Dishes

Each dish is designed to take about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare.

And let’s say you get friends over and you want to spontaneously cook for them, the food is elegant so you can be proud to serve anything from the Klinio menu.

Enjoy your meals, snacks, and even low-sugar desserts without giving cooking a second thought.

Simplified Grocery List

While most weight loss programs feel like your angry supervisor, wanting you to buy exotic ingredients that are expensive and hard to acquire.

Klinio is like your friendly assistant, helping you keep your fridge full of ingredients that work together to make a bunch of different and beautiful meals.

Shopping on A Budget

You get a pre-made grocery list that helps you shop easier, and smarter with a categorized weekly shopping list consisting of affordable ingredients you can find in any local grocery store.

Gradual and Gentle Changes

The Klinio app generates a meal plan based on your caloric intake, macronutrient composition, sugar, and cholesterol requirements.

It then helps you reduce carbs in your diet gradually so you don’t have to change your lifestyle overnight.

Instead, it’s a diabetes meal plan that adapts over time.

No-equipment Workouts

I didn’t use to work out, and I almost can’t say I do now either.

But Klinio has helped me stay active, just 30 minutes per day, and it doesn’t even have to be 30 consecutive minutes!

Klinio provides hundreds of fun and simple home workouts that don’t require equipment.

I simply ease myself into exercise with a series of quick 5-15 minute workouts spread throughout the day.

From acorns grow oak trees. I’m actually in better shape now than I was 6 years ago.

What Makes Klinio Different from Other Products?

  • Ever-evolving Meal Plan – Enjoy the meal plan that comes adapted to your dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Recipes have pre-calculated calories, macronutrients, and portion sizes.
  • Detailed Progress Tracker – Look after your blood sugar levels and weight loss progress over time, evaluate the effectiveness of your nutritional plan and present the information to your doctor when needed.
  • No-Equipment Beginner Workouts – Customize the workouts according to your activity level, pace, and ability. The exercises will help stabilize your blood glucose levels and fuel the weight loss process.
  • Educational Content – Understand your condition thoroughly in order to manage it effectively and ensure that you’re taking all the steps to achieve your best health.
  • Comprehensive Activity Log – Save time and effort by tracking your macronutrients and calorie intake, water consumption, physical activity and so much more all in one tool.
  • Intuitive Data Sync – Connect your GM and smart data monitoring devices to sync up all the important information and have it displayed with the tap of your finger.
  • Community Support – I loved just how engaging it was to use this tool. The educational materials are great themselves, but the actual community support, tips, and guidance from real people in real time are exceptional.


Obviously, I wish I didn’t have diabetes, but Klinio has helped me make the best out of it.

For example, stress can raise blood glucose levels, so managing it is very important.

Klinio has helped me reduce stress in my life through a variety of recommendations.

Something I wouldn’t have implemented in my life with such discipline and effectiveness if it weren’t for Klinio and the wonderful community.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Do I have to buy supplements with it?

No, you do not have to do so, though they do offer recommendations if you want to do so.

Q: What if I have a question?

Klinio offers a full help center that’s packed with information. If you do not find help there, they also offer a chat service to support you.

Q: Will Klinio help me lose weight?

For many people, this is one of the most important components of diabetes management. In my experience, Klinio is a core component of that process.

Q: Is Klinio still being actively updated and developed?

Yes, Klinio is regularly updated, taking into account user feedback and, in turn, improving the experience for Klinio users. The Community is strongly involved in the app development process.

Q: What are the meal plans?

The Klinio app provides three types of meal plans:

  1. 28-day no junk food challenge. No junk – only delicious, diabetes-friendly meals.
  2. Ketogenic diet. Aids in reducing insulin resistance and glycemic control. Effective for excess body fat loss and for improving type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.
  3. Moderate–carb diet. You will get quick, easy-to-make recipes for each meal of the day.

How Much Does Klinio Cost?

Klinio is a superb diet program that is free to download.

You can then subscribe to the service depending on how much of it you want, with prices ranging from $6 to $99.

A 3-month subscription will only cost you $12.00 per month.

But they are running a 33% discount for those who want a 6-month subscription.

And if you want to subscribe for a whole year, you get 50%!

Bringing the price down to as little as $5.59 per month.

All subscriptions share the following features:

  1. Easy access to the Klinio app
  2. A downloadable and printable meal plan that you can access with any device
  3. Professional nutritionist analysis
  4. A personalized, customizable meal plan
  5. Lots of meal and ingredient substitutions
  6. A pocket-friendly grocery list
  7. Full assistance when calculating carbs, sugar cholesterol, and other metrics
  8. 24/7 nutritionist support
  9. Free e-book ‘Beginners Guide To Diabetes’


As of January 04, 2023, Ever since Klinio was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated.