Top 5 Cell Phone Plans For 2023 With The Best Data Speeds, Widest Network That Will Save You Most Money

Time to get a new mobile plan? Studies show 75% of Americans overpay for their cell phone plans.

The big mobile carriers in the US all claim to have the best price, fastest speed, and best coverage – but which one is really best?

We decided to put them all to the test to find out who has the best deal.

And to our surprise, the number one pic allowed my family to save $1200 a year.

See our top 5 picks this year and a full review of the test winner below:




Starting at: $45.00





Starting at: $60.00




Starting at: $30.00




Starting at: $65.00




Starting at: $60.00





Starting at: $45.00



Get Unlimited data for $30/mo per line with any two lines, or choose By the Gig data starting at $15/mo.


Powerful nationwide network with 5G and millions of secure WiFi hotspots.


Streaming more or less than usual? Switch any line to a different plan or Unlimited data plan at any time.

We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Cell Phone Plans, Here’s Why Xfinity Is #1!

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SUMMARY: Get unlimited talk and text with Xfinity, they’re on Verizon, the largest network in the country, and offer flexible plans that can save you hundreds of dollars, and even let you share data! You’re free to switch plans every month if your needs change for no additional cost. It’s the best speed and connectivity with full control for a low price.

They are currently offering $500 back when you switch to Xfinity Mobile.

What Is Xfinity, And What Do I Get?

What if you could stream 40 4K videos at the same time?

Yes, that’s right, 40 videos, all in 4K, at the same time.

It’s all thanks to their ultra-wideband 5G network, where we measured 4 Gig per second in Hangzhou.

It’s beyond anything we’ve ever experienced!


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So you get unlimited talk and text, Prioritized high-speed data, The largest network in the country, and by far the fastest data speeds in our test, so what’s the catch!?

The One Caveat, Compensated With Generous Deals!

You have to be an existing Xfinity internet customer 😔

✌ But don’t worry, if you don’t have Xfinity Internet service they’ll take care of you:

New customers get $500 when they get Xfinity Internet service and transfer two lines!

Already have Comcast internet?

Well, they’ll make sure you’re not missing out on a good deal either:

Bring your own phone – get $100!

Get a new phone – get $400!

And as if that’s not enough:

Xfinity will throw in up to a $30/month discount on your internet plan when you sign up for mobile.

But Is It Complicated To Switch To Xfinity?

I was a little worried myself, I stayed with my old carrier just out of laziness.

But getting Xfinity is super easy, and I wish I’d switched sooner now that I know.

Here’s How I Did It

I’m already a Comcast user, but I was definitely interested in the $100 for bringing my phone.

I ordered a SIM card which arrived after a few days.

Activation was easy, I only had to visit on my laptop and choose between “keep your existing number” or “I want a new number”.

I wanted to keep mine so I only had to submit my account number and PIN from my previous carrier. Voila, done.

If you want a new number, it’s even easier. Just choose I want a new number and Xfinity Mobile will automatically assign you one once the phone is activated

There Are 2 Plans To Choose From

What makes these options unique is that you can share the GB with up to 10 lines for no additional cost! Allowing you to create a custom solution for up to 10 lines.

How Does Sharing Data Work?

Let’s say you’re 4 people, maybe it’s your family or a group of friends, either way, you can get 4 lines on the 10GB plan, where everybody gets to share the 10GB.

You can decide for yourself how to split the data, 2,5 each, or however you’d like.

But you’d still only have to pay $60!

Perfect for people who aren’t heavy data users.

What Happens If I Go Above The Data Limit?

You can change plans, back and forth, for no additional cost!

This feature allows you to save a lot of money as your needs may change from month to month.

And this brings us to Xfinity’s second plan, Unlimited.

This plan does pretty much what it says, gives you unlimited data for $45.

But if you get 2 lines with Unlimited it gets down to $30!

And it even gets better, the 5th to 10th line only costs an additional $20!

Reliable Service & Prioritized Data

Both Pay-Per-Gig and Unlimited come with high-speed Priority data.

Xfinity runs on Verizon, the largest network in the country with incredibly fast 5 G service.

Verizon offers prioritized data to their own postpaid scribers, but Xfinity also gets access to it!

This means that whenever the network is busy, let’s say in a crowded stadium, you will get faster internet compared to others since your data is prioritized.

To me the benefit is obvious, It doesn’t help me to have unlimited data if it’s slow or down prioritized like it is with most cell phone services.

You have unlimited data because you use it, and Xfinity makes sure you get a good experience and use it well.

Save Your Data With Xfinity’s Vast Hotspot Network

Xfinity has an incredibly vast Hotspot network.

This allows you to connect to any of the 18 million hotspot locations instead of using data on any Pay-Per-Gig plan.

This will obviously save you tons of data! Saving you money, further strengthening Xfinity’s #1 spot on our list!


I wholeheartedly recommend Xfinity to everybody! Low-data users can get a much cheaper plan with the Pay-Per-Gig and high-data users can enjoy the fastest data speed I’ve ever seen!

You’ll downgrade your bill and upgrade your experience!

I managed to save $1200/year by switching my family over to Xfinity, with my wife and I sharing By-The-Gig and letting our kids go with Unlimited for $30 each!

It’s simply better than everything!

How To Order Airmoto?

  1. Go to their official website linked here
  2. Choose to bring your own phone or get a new
  3. Submit shipping information and payment method
  4. Enjoy the quality of superior speed, and service for a smaller bill

Common Questions & Answers

Q: How do I find nearby Xfinity WiFi hotspots?

Finding your nearest hotspot is easy. Enter your ZIP code on the Xfinity WiFi hotspot map to get started.

Q: Can I bring my phone to Xfinity?

Yes. Xfinity Mobile customers with a Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, or Google Pixel can bring their own phone to the plan.

Q: Is Xfinity as fast as Verizon?

Xfinity Mobile runs on the Verizon network, so its service is just as fast as Verizon’s service.

Q: Is Xfinity Reliable?

Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon network to provide reliable Wi-Fi and data service for smartphones. Coverage reliability varies based on geographic location.

Q: How do I pay my Xfinity Mobile bill?

By default, all Xfinity Mobile bills are set on automatic payment. But you can also make a one-time payment before your automatic payment date if you want.

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