Top 5 Breathalyzers to Buy in 2023 for More Accurate Blood Alocohol Level Monitoring

Have you been itching to get your hands on breathalyzers because you simply believe in their capacity to save your life and pull you out of trouble? If you’ve been actively searching for the best breathalyzers to buy in 2022, you probably know that when it comes to these devices, being meticulous is important.

With so many promising but low-performing breathalyzers on the market, it’s easy to ask “Where can I find the best breathalyzers today?” Fortunately for you, our team of folks who believe having a breathalyzer on hand is essential has dedicated their time and effort in reviewing the best digital alcohol detectors in the market. Our team cut through the fluff to offer you only the best of the best. That list is now going to be in today’s review.

But first, what makes a breathalyzer great? 

When you scan the online markets for breathalyzers, you could probably already tell that they look pretty much the same and the benefits they offer are so similar.

Well, that’s not always the case.

You see, accuracy and precision are deal breakers, and most of the products sold online could either be flimsy, or terribly inaccurate.

To help our team know how to identify the bad picks from the excellent ones, we asked for the aid of police officers, doctors, and those who have been carrying breathalyzers for years for factors to look for in breathalyzers.

Out of our interviews, we got 4 non-negotiable factors that can save you from spending bucks on a disappointing breathalyzer.

First, the breathalyzer should be police-grade. 

Police officers are always on the lookout for drunk drivers so you can bet on the fact that they carry top-grade breathalyzers. You’ll be flabbergasted if the results you see on your breathalyzer are different from what police officers have. To avoid this scenario, it’s important to check the data picked up by your breathalyzer. If the results are comparable to police-grade breathalyzers, then you’re good.

Second, it should be accurate. 

Getting an inaccurate result is the difference between safety and danger. Always compare it with a known top-grade breathalyzer to make sure your device picks up accurate results.

Third, it should be easy to use. 

Results should be easy to read and interpret.

Fourth, it should be portable. 

If drinking and socializing with alcohol is a part of your weekly routine, having a breathalyzer to keep your alcohol level in check is important. Choose one that’s lightweight and compact so it’s easier for you to bring your device anywhere.

Based on our team’s review, here are the top 3 products that checked all the boxes!

1.Best Overall: BrecoholTec Police-Grade Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

If you are looking for a breathalyzer that works as accurately and reliably as the ones they use in the clinics and stations, your best bet is the BrecoholTec breathalyzer.

Why? Here are a few reasons.

First of all, the BrecoholTec is hospital grade. This only means you won’t be dealing with results that are either too high or too low. You can trust the results you are going to get.

Second, the results come in fast. You don’t have to wait for several minutes to find out your current alcohol levels. This helps you find out your alcohol levels real time so you will immediately know when it’s time to stop.

Third, you won’t ever miss your results. Apart from its digital screen that flashes results clearly, the BrecoholTec includes a sound alarm that sends the signal about your alcohol levels.

We love how the BrecoholTec is ideal when you need to keep your alcohol levels in check for driving; when you’re making sure not to go beyond the level dangerous for you; and when you want to be more responsible with drinking in social settings.

A great gift for people who matter most to you.

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2.VrebScan Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

It is understandable why you may consider a DUI such a hassle – it’s a pretty big offense which can be easily avoided. Drinking is fun, partying is fun, but when it’s time to check your alcohol levels, you have to make sure you get the most accurate results. Out of all the products we reviewed, the one that has an impressive police-grade feature is the VrebScan.

The VrebScan is 98% similar to what police officers use when calling out violators on the road. The results are clear, precise, and come in just 5 seconds.

The VrebScan is so accurate, even professional clinics use it.

Apart from its accuracy and reliability, we also love how the VrebScan comes in a non-intimidating design. It’s easy to use, and does not come with unnecessary buttons that might confuse you as you get your results.

We feel like breathalyzers need not be extra, but we appreciate how fashionable and elegant VrebScan is. Its luxe looks may not be needed, but it’s a feature we truly enjoy!

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3.ChyzoR Portable High Accuracy Breathalyzer Non-Contact Alcohol Detector Digital LCD Screen and Alarm Function

We are won over by the ChyzoR’s high-technology feature which ensures you get the truest reading by filtering through other contaminants that could affect the reading of alcohol levels. You can be assured that this device gives both accurate AND pure results. It’s a handy device that you can slip into your bags and pockets. No need for contact when blowing through the sensor, too! The device is a champ when it comes to longevity – one full charge can last you up to 100 tests.

As an extra indicator for alcohol levels that go beyond the safe mark, this breathalyzer comes with a sound alarm to help you never miss a critical reading.

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"Very Good"

4. VixtaBex Mini Non-Contact Breathalyzer with Highly Sensitive Sensor and Filter, Fast-Response, Portable Design, and Easy-to-Read Results

Definitely the most portable among the bunch, the VixtaBex is the easiest to bring anywhere – you can conveniently bring it around like a keychain. This mini breathalyzer features the most advanced qualities – a highly-sensitive sensor that does not require you to blow through a slot, fast turnout, and an elegant screen for displaying results.

Results are often ready in around 40 seconds, and you won’t have to worry about missing your alcohol levels as the VixtaBex comes with an alarm system to let you know when you’ve gone beyond the safe levels.

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5.AlcoBreath Portable Breathalyzer Non-Contact Alcohol Breath Tester

Have you ever had an experience where you need to check your alcohol levels but you can’t clearly see the numbers because you’re just groggy and dizzy? If you’re looking for a breathalyzer that will help you get the results in whatever form, we recommend the AlcoBreath.

The AlcoBreath’s main feature – getting results through 3 indicators. There’s one for sound, one for digital results on the LCD screen, and one in the form of light indicators. When your alcohol levels go way beyond the safe limit, you’ll get the digits on the screen, a warning sound, and a light signal indicating your alcohol level.

We discovered that the AlcoBreath has a design that qualifies as police-grade. You can be assured the results you get are 99.8% accurate. Despite its topnotch accuracy, the results that AlcoBreath provides are so easy to understand and interpret.

Apart from its impressive features, we also love how AlcoBreath comes in a very lightweight, compact design. With a shape that resembles a thin thermometer, the AlcoBreath is easy to store in bags, pockets, wallets, and jackets. We love how this feature makes it easy to check your alcohol level anytime, anywhere!

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Don’t let unchecked alcohol levels cause you to have a brush with the law, or get into a life-threatening accident that might hurt you or other drivers. It’s time to be a responsible drinker. By carrying a breathalyzer with you, you can have fun and prioritize safety all at the same time.

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