Top 5 Best Mug Warmers – Coffee Tastes Best When Served Hot

If you’ve ever had to leave your cup of coffee to attend to something else at home or the office, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to come back to a cold, tasteless drink. Due to my busy work schedule, I’ve been forced to drink cold coffee more than a few times. I had to find a lasting solution.

The first mug warmer I bought was of inferior quality. Everything was poor, from the temperature settings to the size of the plate heater and mug. I began searching for different mug warmers that would be worth the price. I tested out quite a lot since most people in my office wanted one until we found INHEAT mug warmer.

We’ve used the mug warmer for months at the office and still haven’t found a fault. Everything is perfect, from portability to temperature and durability. Here is the summary of the top 5 Mug Warmers we tested during our little office project and why INHEAT is the best.

InHeat Mug Warmer

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Bestinnkits Mug Warmer




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Ember Mug Warmer




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Why InHeat Mug Warmer is the #1 Pick in 2022?


There are many products out there that claim to be able to keep your coffee or tea hot, but I’m all too familiar with some well-advertised but poor-performing coffee mug warmers. Only a few mug warmers can consistently heat your beverage the way the InHeat mug warmer does. Even when you eventually find one, it doesn’t last as long, or it may be too expensive.

INHEAT mug warmer looks like something you’d find in any office building, but it has proven more than capable of keeping my drinks hot for hours at a time as I go about my day at work and home with no hassle whatsoever. Let’s look at the most prominent features of the INHEAT mug warmer.

Top-Notch Quality

The InHeat mug warmer looks and feels luxurious. It is made of ceramic and feels very sturdy in your hands. The device has a nice weight balance to it and doesn’t look cheap or inferior, unlike some so-called premium mugs we’ve used in the office. The design of InHeat Mug Warmer is one I love, and I’m not alone in this at all. On top of that, the mug warmer lasts longer than any other mug warmer we used, and it doesn’t affect its overall quality and durability.

Surprisingly Easy to Use

If you are looking for an affordable mug warmer that works effectively, look no further than InHeat. It is straightforward to use and maintains a steady temperature while keeping your coffee warm at all times. No matter how long you keep your coffee in the cup warmer, you can be assured of a stable temperature when drinking the coffee.

Preserves Drink Taste

I tried two kinds of drinks with an InHeat mug warmer, including coffee and tea. They all turned out to be just fine after I warmed it in an InHeat mug warmer. However, I noticed that my coffee tasted much better and creamier after long hours in the cup warmer compared to when I didn’t use one. Compared to other cup warmers, I could tell that the taste was better sustained in InHeat.

Portable, with Many Functions

InHeat mug warmer is compact, portable, and multi-functional. Due to its size, it is possible to carry it along as you travel, go on weekend trips, or work. I can heat my coffee or tea at the work desk, on the bedside table at home, or anywhere I may need some warm drinks. When not using it as a mug warmer, InHeat can charge different mobile devices. Its stylish design adds personality to anything you place it on.

Wireless Charging

Unlike most mug warmers that require electrical cables to charge, InHeat mug warmer has wireless charging features that let you charge the device without stress. Since it doesn’t require any wires, all you need to do is keep your cup on top of it and wait for a few minutes until it gets warm. It’s effortless to use and convenient from the get-go.

Doubles as a Phone Charger

InHeat mug warmer comes with many excellent features, one of which is a functional phone charging option. You can use your smartphone charging cable to charge any mobile device from your mug warmer. I usually find this feature useful when I’m away from home or forget to go to work with my phone charger (a habit of mine). The mug warmer has a USB port compatible with most mobile devices.

Impressive Durability

This mug warmer is built to last! It has a sturdy handle and stands, so you can place it on your desk or nightstand and use it all day. It even comes with a 12-month warranty, which means that the product will be working smoothly for years to come. The performance of my InHeat suggests that I may never have to worry about buying another mug warmer in my life.

I love knowing I have one less thing to think about when I put my cup down by my desk at work; not only do I know it won’t ever break (or tip over), but I also know it will heat up again without fail as soon as I put any hot liquid into it. That’s pretty assuring.

Warranty and return policy

There is no need to worry if your InHeat mug warmer breaks down within 30 days of purchase. Any InHeat product can be replaced or refunded as long as it is returned in good working condition, with all parts intact and an original receipt.

You should, however, note that a replacement or refund will not be issued without all of these factors in place. INHEAT’s warranty covers any defects on all products purchased from us during that period. That said, I’ve had no reason to return the product because my mug warmer has been in perfect condition since I first bought it.