Top 5 Best Life Insurance Based Premiums, Flexibility, And Coverage!

Is your financial contribution essential to your family? Are you worried your loved ones might not manage economically if something were to happen to you?

This is a tough topic, but one that is quite important to guarantee our loved ones will be ok.

To provide some insight and support, we set out to test which was the best life insurance company based on coverage, application, minimum red tape, and costs.

Thankfully, we found one life insurance that made us feel in control of every step from the application, to pricing, and coverage.

Here are our Top 5 for this year, with a full review of our top provider at the bottom:


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Ethos Life Insurance is a large company that has a wide range of life insurance policy options for users to choose from as well as other insurance types, with over 20 million clients.


The company has an A rating with AM Best, which means they have a strong level of financial stability, giving users peace of mind knowing they can get coverage and keep it.


Final expense insurance throughout Ethos Life Insurance does not require the use of medical examinations, which helps to ensure policies can be put in place fast.

We Applied For The Most Popular Life Insurance Policies. Here’s Why Ethos Life Insurance Is #1

SUMMARY: Ethos Life Insurance Insurance offers unusually high death benefits for policies that do not require a medical examination faster than ever before. It’s the most diverse and wide coverage that allows you to customize your monthly payments or convert from term life to whole life whenever you want.

I didn’t get life insurance until I met my wife, but as soon as I realized I had people who relied on me, and soon kids to take care of, I needed some sort of insurance that would be alright if I couldn’t be there.

Crystal Clear & Transparent Insurance

It was an immense undertaking that weighed on my shoulders, I needed to learn so much about things I knew very little about. Thankfully Ethos Life Insurance was one of the insurance companies that didn’t only provide excellent insurance but offered so much insight and information on how to pick insurance. I actually used their platform to learn everything way before I considered them as my #1 pick.

So right from the start, they’re a transparent, wholesome, and convenient company.

No Medical Exam

TrueStage is superb for individuals who want to get life insurance coverage but don’t want to go through the hassle of a medical exam. No blood test, no doctor’s visit.

You can get it right now from the comfort of your home.

Ranked ‘A’ For Excellent

One might want to know how Ethos Life Insurance can afford to pay out the insurance money, and if there’s any risk. This is when we look at the AM Best Rating.

AM Best is the largest credit rating agency in the world, specializing in the insurance industry.

And TrueStage couldn’t be safer since they’re underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company who’s rated ‘A’ (Excellent) for financial stability by AM Best.

Their comment is “Excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations”.

It’s hard to come up with a better indicator of a company’s financial strength.

Three Types Of Insurance

Ethos Life Insurance offers three types of insurance. All of them are competitively priced and customizable. You can change the monthly premium and coverage to suit your needs.

Just the fact that you can transition from Term to Whole life whenever you want makes it easy to start somewhere, as you can change transition later.

Term Insurance

Terminating Life Insurance is an insurance that will terminate at some point, making it more affordable and can be a great option if you only want coverage for the next 10 to 30 years.

Perhaps while your kids need college tuition, while you pay off your mortgage, or any period when losing you and your income would cause the most hardship for the people you love.

Whole Life Insurance

This plan covers you for the duration of your life as long as the premiums are paid. It includes a guaranteed cash value component and fixed monthly premiums. This is usually a little more expensive as it covers you for the long haul.

Guarantee Acceptance Life Insurance

Finally, there’s the Guarantee acceptance in case you can’t apply for a term or whole life insurance. This is insurance you can’t be denied even if you have cancer or other health problems as long as you’re between the ages of 45 and 80, you cannot be turned down.

Even though rates never go up and the coverage never cancels, note that benefits are limited in the first two policy years if death occurs from a non-accidental cause.

Application Process

Applying couldn’t be simpler or quicker, and it’s 100% online. Just click “Apply” to begin.

All you have to do is submit some basic information, your health history for the last 5 years and name the people you want to protect with this coverage.


Quick Approval

Once you provide your information you can take your time to review everything before you accept and sign. If you’re approved, you’ll be covered when your first payment is processed which could be as soon as the same day!

What Makes Ethos Life Insurance Different From Other Products?

  • I found a few things that stood out that make it a better option compared to any other insurance.
  • Cost – Let’s face it – this is a big factor. Some of the policies I was offered had rates as low as $4.80 per month, and even some of the more expensive plans were still extremely competitive.
  • No Medical Exam – This is a great feature for those who just want to get a policy in place fast and don’t want to have a medical exam.
  • It’s convenient, fast, yet comprehensive.
  • Financial Strength – An important factor when choosing insurance. with this company, I’m applying for coverage from the actual provider instead of a third-party site.
  • Customer Service – I did take the time to contact customer service to ask a few questions just to see what the experience was like. They answered quickly, provided me with lots of information, and then guided me to the next step without upselling and kept my interests at heart.
  • Onsite Tools – Yet another fantastic reason to use Ethos Life Insurance. There is tons of information on their platform and a life insurance calculator that helps you determine how much coverage you should consider based on your specific life needs. It’s basically an online broker that makes sure you get what you need, no more, no less, for your budget.


After working through numerous quote processes from large and smaller companies, I quickly found Ethos Life Insurance to be the easiest, most comprehensive, and customizable option out there, with some of the most affordable prices. While the cost will range from one person to the next, I found it to be the most affordable no matter age and medical history.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Can I lump life insurance with other policies?

Yes, you can, and that could help you to save even more with Ethos Life Insurance.

Q: What is the claims process like?

I read up on this and found it is very straightforward and fast, with most people stating they didn’t have a hassle with it as long as they followed the specific directions.

Q: How long does it take to get approval?

It does not take long, and in my case, it was the same day.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ethos Life Insurance offers insurance from $4.80 per month and up. The actual cost you will pay depends on the policy itself and some individual factors if you smoke, where you live, and the type of work you do.

All in all, Ethos Life Insurance offered the lowest rates for the coverage I wanted.


As of December 01, 2022, Ever since Ethos Life Insurance was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in its product and wants people to try it out that they are now offering up to 50% discount.