Top 5 Best LED Road Flares That Keep Your Car Safe

I love taking my car out on the road for long trips. Because I end up taking long journeys every once in a while, I have had my fair share of roadside breakdowns. It was after a few incidents that I realized how important it was for me to carry some emergency roadside kit so that other drivers and passing vehicles could identify me and my car from far. 

LED road flares are your best friends to take on long trips. When your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you are at the risk of getting hit by a speedy vehicle. Truly bright flares act as your safety kit at that time. 

There are plenty of emergency road flares available in the market, which, contrary to the traditional lights, use LED technology to emit light for a long duration. These are reliable in comparison to the old, traditional ones, and will keep you safe on the road, and the passersby alert. 

Here is a list of top 5 LED road flares that you can browse through and choose from for your next road trip: 

#1 Best LED Road Flares That Keep Your Car Safe

1TAC Roadside Safety Disc





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SlimK LED Road Flares





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Tobfit 6-Pack LED Road Flares





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Life Gear Emergency Road Flares





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HOKENA LED Road Flares





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Why the LED Roadside Safety Disc is My #1 Pick?

When it comes to road safety, the 1TAC Safety Discs are my top pick. Compared to a normal flashlight, the light emitted from it is 25 times better and brighter. 

Since it is powered by one of the most powerful LED technologies in the world — CREE LED, the performance of the product is unmatchable and truly worth the price. 

Besides the few features that have been mentioned above, this product takes the first spot for several reasons. Let us have a look at a few of them: 


Besides using this tool for safety measures when you are stuck on the road, you can use this to navigate around your house at night when there is a blackout. It is also a trusted product amongst security guards, armed forces, military, and other law enforcers. 


The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy makes it incredibly durable and sturdy. It helps the product to withstand heavyweight and not get crushed. A LED road flare must operate under extreme circumstances and the Rodeside Safety Disc does full justice to that.


This LED flare can easily fit into any carry-on bag, pouch, backpack, car trunks, and more. The design is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The magnetic base allows for the product to attach itself to the side or back of a car easily, without taking much space. 

Other Benefits

Now let’s discuss some other noteworthy features of this product. 

  • The body of the product is anti-grip and slip-resistant. This makes it convenient to hold without slipping from the hands. 
  • It comes with an in-built telescope focus with a zoom-in, zoom-out range of about 1x-2000x. 
  • A tactical switch is present on the product that allows two functions — constant on and momentary on. 
  • It is extremely lightweight and features 5 modes. The product supports 100k Lamp life Hours. 

Where to Purchase it

I would recommend you to purchase this product from the official website of 1TAC where you can avail yourself of free shipping and a lifetime warranty on the products.


LED road flares are an effective tool that can prevent an accident from happening. In case of an obstacle, it can alert the people on the road, ensure safety, and ward off any mishap that is likely to occur.

If you are convinced thatroad flares are a much-needed, handy addition to your car’s safety kit, you can purchase the Rodeside Safety Disc for maximum protection and road safety. Be road safe and road wise with 1TAC. 


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