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Insomniacs Are Talking About This Innovative Technology That Is Finally Giving Them The Sleep They Need

  • Millions of individuals are turning to sleeping medications every night. But experts say that’s exceedingly dangerous.
  • Sleeping drugs can increase your chance of mortality by 4.6X – yet they typically don’t even improve the quality of your sleep.
  • A new all-natural device offers an economical, safe, and effective way to fall asleep every night.
  • It’s safe to use long-term and can improve the quality of your sleep.

If you’re needing sleeping drugs to fall asleep, read this article intently – because this revolutionary technology could transform your life for the better.

If you use sleeping pills on a regular basis, you presumably already know they’re not a wise long-term answer. But you may not be entirely aware of the threats they pose.

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Pills can help alleviate sleeplessness & anxiety, but tragically they can lead to new difficulties like addiction. With the Chill Pill, you aren’t treating one problem just to exacerbate another. It’s non addicting, all-natural & has zero bad effects


The Chill Pill is lightweight, tiny, and fits comfortably around your wrist with the provided bracelet. Throw it in your purse, leave it dangling on your wrist, slip it in and out of your pocket… whatever works for you!


Not only may the Chill Pill help you limit the hazards associated with anxiety & insomnia medicines, it also helps you mitigate the expense. You’ll save tons of money over time because there are no refills or batteries to replace. Just buy it once!

We Bought & Tested the Most Popular Anxiety Relief Product. Here's Why Chill Pill Is #1


UPDATE: The Chill Pill is back in stock (for now) – here’s where you can test it. Clearly, a lot of people are fighting their insomnia with the Chill Pill, which is exciting to see – anything that reduces our dependency on pills is a great thing!.

According to specialists, utilizing sleeping medications is a dangerous choice for several reasons. If you use them to fall asleep because there’s now a new choice that can help you enjoy deep, peaceful sleep without the need for pharmaceuticals.

The truth would be that sleeping pills don’t actually increase the quality of your sleep. They are addictive — and some can literally kill you. Probably most upsetting of all, drugs can simply stop functioning after a while.

This leaves millions of individuals with a terrible choice: Suffer with sleeplessness, or turn to medications that could kill you.

That’s why so many individuals are searching for natural methods.

But alas, most options are simply ineffective. Chamomile tea, melatonin pills, and exercising before bed could work for some people… but if you deal with serious sleeplessness, you need something much more effective.

That’s why experts and insomniacs alike are so enthusiastic about a new sleep aid that has recently been released to the public.

This new sleep aid is 100% natural, non-addictive, and actually performs better the longer you take it.

Instead of blasting your body with medicines, it employs a gentle and established process called Electrotherapy to train your brain to sleep better over time.

It comes in the form of a little device that you hold in your hand — and because it’s a device, you only need to buy it once. There are no refills, medical appointments, or subscription costs.

What is the Chill Pill, and how does it help you sleep?


The device is called The Chill Pill, and it’s become a blockbuster hit since its recent debut — with more than $1.5 million in sales and amazing testimonials from customers who are shocked to finally find an effective, safe, and natural method to go asleep every night.

The Chill Pill is a trendy new handheld device that employs Electrotherapy to help alleviate insomnia

To put it simply, Electrotherapy tries to restore equilibrium to your brain’s neurochemicals by sending pulses of low-intensity currents to your body.

These currents are made by holding a small handheld gadget that emits electrical waves. These waves deliver a message to your brain that it’s time to relax and sleep.


This method of therapy is absolutely safe to use and 100 percent drug-free.

And before you say it: Electrotherapy is NOT the same as electroshock therapy! In fact, Electrotherapy delivers such a little amount of electricity that most patients cannot even feel it.

This safe, effective strategy has been utilized since the 1970s as a natural way to cure insomnia… yet there’s a reason you haven’t heard of it: Sleeping medicines started reaching the market about the same time.

With Electrotherapy equipment, you only have to buy the product once. With sleeping drugs, you need to keep coming back for refills. Is it really a surprise that the $65 billion sleeping medication industry decided to bury this safer, more inexpensive option under the rug?

“Remember, Big Pharma spends over $6.5 billion a year on advertising,” says Cheyenne Kingrea, inventor of The Chill Pill. “So even though most people say it’s a better alternative than sleeping medications, it’s hard to compete with that type of budget.”

How Do You Use The Chill Pill To Fall Asleep?

Using it is easy: Simply hold onto the Chill Pill to do the pleasant Electrotherapy. You can use it every night, as frequently as you like — with no negative effects.

Weighing in at just 50 grams, it’s lighter than an Apple AirPod case and contoured to fit exactly in the palm of your hand.

Experts advocate using the device for around 20 minutes before to the time you desire to fall asleep. According to the Chill Pill website, here’s how to use it:

  1. Hold the Chill Pill in your left hand on a slow, comfortable frequency setting.
  2. Once it shuts off (after 20 minutes), switch hands and hold it for another full cycle.

You should begin to drift off after the first cycle. If not, it’s entirely safe to continue the pattern until you fall asleep.

The device takes one hour to be fully charged and holds a charge for 20 hours. It’s safe for everyone over the age of six to use. However, the business recommends visiting a physician if you have a history of cardiac difficulties, nerve damage, carpal tunnel, or if you’re pregnant.

Chill Pill versus Sleeping Pill: What’s Safer?

According to the data, The Chill Pill is clearly a much safer alternative to sleeping pills.

“Yes, pills work in the short term – but they’re extremely addictive and very, very hard to kick,” says Kingrea. “And the withdrawals can be torturous at minimum and deadly at worst.”

“We think these sleeping pills are very dangerous,” says Daniel F. Kripke, MD, emeritus professor of psychiatry at the University of California.

“We think they cause death. We think they cause cancers,” he says.3

With such grave warnings, it’s no wonder thousands of people are turning to the Chill Pill. They say it’s just as effective – yet they wake up feeling more refreshed and don’t have to worry about a tragic accident or lifelong addiction.

Is a prescription required for the Chill Pill?

You do not need a prescription to order the Chill Pill because it is a Class III Medical Device. To place your order, simply go to the company’s website here.

The demand for the Chill Pill has risen since this story was published. Already, almost 1.5 million pieces have been sold. It is now out of stock due to high demand.

How Do I Get A Chill Pill?

  1. Make sure to order from the official website
  2. Visit their official website by clicking here.
  3. If you’ll get 1 FREE Chill Pill when you buy 2 is still available, take advantage of it.
  4. Choose the number of devices you require.
  5. Enter your shipping and payment information.

How Much Does It Cost

The Chill Pill is priced at $59.99 per unit. You can save money by getting numerous Chill Pills per order.

Here’s how price breaks down when ordering online today:

  • 1 × Chill Pill: $59.99 + Shipping
  • 2 × Chill Pills: $104.99 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 x Chill Pills: $139.98 + Free US Shipping


Final Word

The Chill Pill is a handheld gadget that employs the power of electrotherapy to help with anxiety, sadness, and insomnia.

By holding the Chill Pill in your palm and regulating the intensity, you can receive relaxation via gentle electrical signals.

To learn more about the Chill Pill or to buy the device online, visit their official website by clicking here! >>>


As of December 15, 2022, the developers of Chill Pill are presently having a special sale — a limited time, you’ll get 1 FREE Chill Pill when you buy 2.

If you want to test it for yourself, now is the right time.

It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can take plenty of time to test it out. If it works, you’ll enjoy greater all-natural sleep… and if it doesn’t, you can easily return it for a full refund.

We don’t know how long The Chill Pill will stay in stock this time, so we highly urge acting soon if you’re interested in learning how successful Electrotherapy can be for you!

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