Top 5 Action Cameras In 2023 Based On Price, Video Quality, Handling And Durability

What do you call a small portable action camera? It’s hard to come up with another association than GoPro, GoPro or GoPro.

They do dominate the market, but much of it has to do with their marketing, because there are alot of other options out there, most people just don’t know about them.

Sure, you’ll still find their best GoPro here in our top 5.

But perhaps you’ll be surprised to see that they’re not our first choice!

We decided to buy 2023’s best selling action cameras to see how well they perform in our tests.

And it revealed that paying for expensive big brands can often be a waste of money. To our surprise, our test winner was actually from a smaller company that managed to beat the big brands in both video quality, Amazing features, design, battery life and pricing.

Here’s our Top 5 Picks this year, with a full review at the bottom of the page:


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Price: $69.95  $107.62 




Price: $249.99





Price: $89.99

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Price: $99.99

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Price: $89.99


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Price: $69.95  $107.62 


Upload your footage or photos directly to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Instagram directly from Snapshot – no laptop required!


Use the included remote control to take selfies, or mount Snapshot on a helmet or drone for amazing footage!


The Ultra HDR 4K video footage provided by Snapshot is crisp, vibrant, and sharp. And with its included external microphone, you’ll get great quality audio, too!

We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Action Cameras, Here’s Why Snapshot is #1

SUMMARY: It’s a universally dimensioned action camera that can capture video in 4K with its ultra-wide 170° lens and store up to 32 GB of footage. Furthermore, it incorporates Wifi accessibility and allows you to easily manage or upload your content from your phone or computer. Action – Upload – Play.

I have been filming and taking photos since I was young, and it’s been a pure pleasure to see the evolution of the camera.

It’s gone so far that even blockbusters like the Hobbit are shot with an action Camera!

Can you imagine that? A $200–315 million budget film used a camera smaller than a soda can! And that was back in 2012!

And action cameras have improved even more in the last 10 years.

And with the increasing amount of good action cameras, it is getting overwhelming to make a choice.

The latest camera to hit the market is called Snapshot and has won the hearts of consumers all over the world with thousands of five star reviews.

First Impression

I got the Snapshot delivered to my door only two days after ordering it.

When I opened the box I immediately saw what I was looking for – an ergonomically engraved housing.

Did you know most action cameras break because of accidents when we are fiddling with the SD card or checking our footage, not when we throw the camera around doing parkour on rooftops.

Since action cameras are supposed to be used in a classic transparent shock resistant cover, they don’t break when we use them in even the most extreme situations.

But it’s when we take it out of the covering box that accidents happen, and ironically, action cameras are often super smooth and slippery.

But Snapshot has obviously done their homework! because they have engraved a high friction pattern on all of its sides. making sure you get a good grip even if it’s wet, windy or if you’re on a bumpy ride.

Furthermore, when I locked at the front I saw another example of how the Snapshot has focused on solving common problems.

The Lens is super protected by a good thick protruding ring that covers it from all sides. So there’s no risk of scratching the lens!

And then I saw the text ‘WIFI’ written with neat letters below the lens.

This is another example of how the Snapshot makes it super convenient for you to access or check your footage on the go without having to access the SD card or go through any menus on the camera – simply genius.

But let’s be real, none of this matters if the picture ain’t good.


I pressed the power button and the camera started as it came half charged ( convenient! )

I recorded while I walked around my house and went from dark to bright lit rooms to see how well the stabilizer and exposure would adjust.

When I had enough footage I wanted to see how it was to export the content with the Wifi option


It couldn’t have been easier to connect with my smartphone as it immediately showed up on my phone after I downloaded the Snapshot app.

The App made it super easy to record myself and use my phone as an external monitor!

Video Quality

The Snapshot comes with a really good and diverse aperture because it had no problem adjusting from dark rooms to suddenly being outside in the bright sun.

On most cameras, a sudden change in brightness makes the picture too dark or too bright for a couple of seconds.

The Snapshot managed flawlessly, an important feature since you don’t want to have a problem with focus or bad exposure when recording a rare sudden and magical moment.

Superior Sound Quality

I was shocked when I looked at the footage, not because of what I saw but from what I heard.

I think we all have experienced the poor audio quality from GoPros and other action cameras. Everything sounds so muffled or compact.

But it was a different story here.

The sound was perfect throughout the whole video!

On Top of that! It comes with an external microphone and a remote in case you want to have even more control over what you’re recording or if you want to do a vlog while filming from a distance.

Comfortable and Waterproof

I wanted to see how it was to handle it, aswell as how well it handled itself, in a more stressful situation.

So I went into the shower and started recording. I blasted myself and the Snapshot with water and went on to test as many features as possible, recording, changing SD-card, taking photos, changing to Slow Motion, formatting the card. all while being blasted with water.

I noticed above everything else, that the Snapshot is very easy and comfortable to work with. The menu is super intuitive and easy while still allowing you to do everything you can ask of it.

And the actual ergonomics and tactile feel of the camera was great.

It felt secure even when both it and I were drenched in water.

You can’t compare the Snapshot Action Camera with anything in its price class, this is why.

  • HD camera quality – The all-glass lens with its powerful sensor ensures that all of your pictures and videos are in breathtaking and lifelike 4K resolution.
  • Battery Life – The Snapshot is so lightweight while also having a superior battery capacity, meaning it can easily record twice as long as its competition on one single charge!
  • Foto Timer – Set the timer and get ready! A must have feature for family photos or if you’re on your own and need to set up a complex shot.
  • Slow Motion – Up to 120 frames per second!
  • Time Lapse – Capture the stars rotating in the sky or how a storm rolls in over the horizon while you enjoy your vacation.
  • Loop Recording – Continuous recording that overwrites the oldest part of the memory, meaning that you can keep recording and upload the footage, instead of manually changing SD card and exporting it on a computer, then having to format it and so on. This allows you to always be ready to shoot!
  • WIFI – Perfect for Vloggers as it allows you to upload your photos and videos directly to any online platform in a matter of seconds!
  • WaterProof – Down to 98 feet!
  • Affordable – Don’t spend hundreds on a brand-new action camera, just because the company spends millions on advertisement. Snapshot can offer you the same quality and then some, for much less!
  • Accessories – Comes with: 1 Transparent shockproof Housing, 1 external mic, 1 remote control,1 handlebar, 1 Clip, 4 Mounts, and 2 Adhesives. Also supports universal accessories, meaning you won’t need to throw away any of your old gear as you can use it on this device too.


So there is no doubt in my mind, I am keeping the Snapshot for myself.

I even recommend it to highly experienced photographers, filmmakers and vloggers as it has all the features you’d expect from an advanced film camera.

So whether you’re a beginner or a pro and are on the lookout for a camera that has a diverse toolset, a long battery time, 4K HD video quality, quick and easy uploading capabilities through Wifi, as well as having all the safety features needed to record any adventure, the Snapshot is what you’re looking for.

A recent problem has occured

The problem with Snapshot is that it has become so incredibly popular that the manufacturer has called out that they can barely keep up with demand.

And on top of that, there is an ongoing campaign right now where they have a 50% discount! So it’s just a matter of time before they run out.

Furthermore, there are a lot of scams and copycat versions from companies that try to get in on the success of the Snapshot’s. So make sure you get yours from their official website and get it now before they run out of stock.

How To Order The Snapshot?

  1. Make sure to order from the official website linked here
  2. Get the 50% Discount
  3. Select the amount of devices you want
  4. Submit shipping information and payment method
  5. Enjoy capturing every moment in 4K!

If you’re still on the fence about it, we just want to let you know that the Snapshot comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

So if you’re not sure, you can always buy one and just return it later if you don’t like it.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Does Snapshot require any installation?

No. All you need to do is unpack it, charge it and press record!

Q: Do I need to buy batteries for it?

No, the Snapshot comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging cord that you connect to an outlet.

Q: Can I control the Snapshot with my phone?

Yes. You can install an app on your phone that allows you to control the Snapshot with your phone and use it as an external monitor.

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, high quality 4K water and shockproof action cameras go for up to $1000, so one would expect the Snapshot to be in this price range as well…

But actually, the Snapshot sells for only $107,62, since the founders of the company are doing everything to keep prices low.

In fact, they are even running a 50% sale on their website right now, bringing the price down to just $69,95!

Click here to claim a discounted Snapshot (if it’s still available) >>

That’s a small price to pay to conveniently and safely capture any memory on the go!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Other brands spend billions and billions on advertising. Guess who pays for that in the end? The customer!

The Snapshot does very little advertising as they started as a small concept tech company and grew as their product was cheaper and better than the competition.

They also don’t sell in any retail stores, it’s strictly online. This lets them keep the prices down as they don’t need to rent big store warehouses and have tons of staff.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

As the founders of the Snapshot know that they have a superior product they only need the word to spread so that people can try it for themselves.

By getting their product in as many hands as possible, more buzz will be generated as well as more sales. And it seems to work, because they are constantly running out of stock!

Get your Snapshot from their official website here >>>


As of January 16, 2023 Ever since the Snapshot was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product and wants people to explore nature that they are now offering a one-time, 50% discount..