This Fast-Charging Power Bank Is Just the Size of a Credit Card!

Mon, November 14, 2022 l By Melissa Katz

World’s Thinnest Charger Provides all the Power with None of the Bulk or Weight

World’s Thinnest Charger Provides all the Power with None of the Bulk or Weight

  • Credit card-sized and compact
  • Provides enough power to fully recharge your phone
  • Fits inside of any pocket or purse, even inside of your wallet
  • Includes attached power cable to connect to your phone

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when we discover our phone battery is nearly dead. You need to call an Uber to get home, but will your battery last long enough for you to get your ride?

Well, thanks to a new product called Clutch, you’ll never need to worry about problems like this again!

lutch is an incredible power bank that can fully recharge your phone… and unlike every other device on the market, it’s not the size and weight of a brick!

Available for both Apple iPhones and Android phones, Clutch finally delivers a powerful charging power bank that you can fit in any pocket, purse, or even inside of your wallet!

A Dead Phone Nearly Made Me Miss My Flight!

I was just about to board my plane. Once I got to the gate, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to show the agent my Mobile Boarding Pass.

I was shocked to discover that my phone was completely dead – and I had no way to prove I had a ticket for my flight!

It took around 20 minutes to straighten things out. I nearly missed my flight, all because of a dead phone battery.

With the Clutch power bank, I NEVER have to worry about something like this ever happening again. Frankly, I refuse to leave home without it!

You’ll Never Have to Deal with a Dead Battery Again!

Here a just a few of the features that make the Clutch power bank the best in its class:

  • Fits perfectly in any pocket, purse, or wallet
  • Perfect for travel and people who are always “on-the-go”
  • Available for iPhone and Android phones
  • LED Battery Level Indicators let you know it’s charged

What People are Saying about the Clutch Power Bank

How to Order the Clutch Power Bank (If You Can)

The order process for the Clutch power bank is quick and easy. Just visit their website here to place your order. They accept a variety of payment options.
My only suggestion here would be to order yours if it’s in stock at the time you visit. This thing has gone viral on TikTok, and as a result of its popularity, it’s often sold out.

So if it’s in stock when you visit, I suggest you pounce before it sells out again.

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