The Top 3 Car Cleaning Kits in 2022 for Professional Car Care Without The High Price Tag

Cleaning your car can come with a hefty price – especially when professionals do it for you. Perhaps you’re considering a car cleaning kit to help you do the job yourself. If you’re new to DIY car cleaning, you may be unsure what kit to buy and what tools to prioritize.

Whether you’re cleaning your old car that needs dustin’, or maintaining your regular ride, having a reliable car cleaning set is top necessity.

This review aims to help you find the best car cleaning kit for car owners. As a group of car enthusiasts, we also want to know which car cleaning kit includes all the items we need to maintain the pristine cleanliness of our vehicles.

To help us make the critical screening, we asked the help of other car enthusiasts and car cleaning experts. Together, we determined which car cleaning package is worth buying.

How We Decided

Our number one criterion in finding the best car cleaning kit is that it should be able to clean all the spots in the car so car owners won’t have to car wash centers anymore.

To make such a decision, we had to check each kit one by one and make sure that it has all the bruises, mops, cloths, and attachments that make car cleaning efficient and easy.

With the help of other car enthusiasts and car care experts, we also found the other essential factors that make car cleaning kits great. Here’s a quick list:

  • It should be equipped with brushes for interior and exterior use.
  • It should be attachable to drills
  • It should be made with durable materials
  • It should come in different sizes for both large spots and hard-to-reach areas.
  • The brushes and fabrics should be made with delicate bristles and cloth to prevent scratching and damaging the car.

Out of all the car cleaning kits that we reviewed, these are the three that stood out.

1.Best Overall: AutoSwish 26-Pcs Car Detailing Brush Set and Car Detailing Kit Complete with Car Detailing Brushes, Car Buffing Sponge Pads Kit, Car Cleaning Tools Kit for Car Interior and Exterior, Wheels, and Dashboard

“I’m so in love with the AutoSwish car cleaning kit. I love the fact that it does not just come with loads of brushes – you’ll get the complete set for both the interior and exterior of your car. I can now be confident that even if I do it myself, I can make my car ultra clean!” – Daisy, Car Enthusiast

This is it – this is the most complete car cleaning kit we found during the review process.

The AutoSwish features a whopping 26-piece car cleaning kit with car wash brushes, car detailing tools, and car cleaning cloth to make your car look spick and span.

The best-selling AutoSwish includes:

  • five (5) car detailing drill brushes
  • five (5) car detailing brushes
  • three (3) wire brushes
  • one (1) car dash duster Brush
  • ‘one (1) tire brush
  • one (1) air outlet brush,
  • one (1) car wash mitt,
  • two (2) microfiber wax applicator,
  • two (2) car washing towel,
  • two (2) car foam drill polishing pads,
  • two (2) woolen polishing pad,
  • one (1) sponge backer.

We love that the AutoSwish comes with brushes with drill attachment. The design fits most drills which makes the cleaning work faster and easier.

The brushes also come with different stiffness – the stiffer ones for general brushing and the softer ones for reaching and polishing hard-to-reach areas.

The AutoSwish also comes with an air vent brush.

We are also impressed with the quality of the brushes, dusters, and mitts that come with the kit. Everything is so soft – you won’t have to worry that the tools will destroy your car’s paint and upholstery.

The fun thing about AutoSwish is the fact that you can also use it for cleaning the bathroom, couches, carpets, sinks, and many more.

Recommended features

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2.CarKleen 23PCS Car Cleaning Tool Kit for Interior and Exterior Car Cleaning Which Comes with Car Detailing Kit Drill Brush Set, Car Wash Tools Kit for Wheels, Windows, Dashboard, Engine

“I’m a mountaineer who loves bringing my ride in the terrain. My truck often gets muddy and dusty – I always pay for professional cleaning after a trip. I’m so glad I can now do my cleaning with the help of CarKleen.” Duxtin, Adventure Geek

Just three brushes short of AutoSwish, CarKleen is also a complete car cleaning kit with tools for both interior and exterior car cleaning.

The CarKleen comes with two round-head brushes for cleaning the exterior of your car. These brushes are stiff, and can whip out dirt in seconds. The bristles are high-quality – you won’t have to worry about scratching your car.

The CarKleen also threw in some windshield wiping brush, drill attachments of different sizes, wired brushes, a car buffing tool, and brushes for reaching narrow areas easily.

We have proven that the brushes and tools are durable – some of us watched in awe as the brushes continued moving despite the intensity of the cleaning process. No breaking, no cracking.

The kit is multipurpose – you can use it on cars, bikes, motorcycles, trucks, and vans.

If you know someone who loves their car like it’s their greatest possession, the CarKleen is one of the best gifts you can give to them.

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3.MobileClear 14PCS Portable, Travel-friendly Car Wash Accessories for Interior and Exterior Use - Includes a Small, Foldable Bucket

“My favorite thing about the MobileClear? I no longer have to carry all the bulky stuff – I get enough brushes and tools to keep my car clean while we’re on the road.” – Melissa, Freelance Photographer

Are you always traveling and hate seeing your car after traveling for miles? If you’re looking for a car cleaning kit you can bring to your travels, we highly recommend the MobileClear!

The MobileClear comes with fourteen brushes. Yes, a little less than the previous two mentioned above but it’s still as effective. Why? We noticed that the brushes are made to be multipurpose, so you don’t need to carry a lot.

Despite the 14-piece feature, the MobileClear has enough tools to get you to clean.

The set includes the following:

  • One (1) Deerskin towel
  • One (1) Folding bucket(9L)
  • One (1) Car wash gloves
  • One (1) Wiper
  • One (1) Steel ring brush
  • One (1) Air outlet cleaner
  • One (1) Air outlet brush
  • One (1) Big wax mop
  • One (1) Large towel(63*23.6in)
  • One (1) Car wash cotton
  • One (1) Small towel(11.8*27.6in)
  • One (1) Small scraper
  • One (1) Tire brush
  • One (1) Small wax mop.

The nylon bristles are stiff enough to remove stubborn dirt from tires and carpets. The mops and towels are made from quality fabric – the risk of scratching your car is low.

Our favorite from this set is the duster – it comes with electrostatic microfiber chenille that draws the specks of dust so you won’t have to wipe the same spot repeatedly.

What also stood out during the review is that the MobileClear is not just for cleaning cars, and motorcycles, bikes, and trucks. It can actually be used in cleaning bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and garages!

What a deal, right?

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Nothing leaves a good impression better than a car that’s sparkly clean. You don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks just to regularly keep the pristine condition of your car – having a complete car cleaning kit can help you save money without compromising the cleanliness and looks of your ride.

Our review team just could not have enough of these car cleaning kits! Experts love the ones we recommended above. Go check them out.

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