Review: The Top 4 Best Heated Insoles to Buy in 2023 to Warm Up Your Feet This Winter

By now, you understand that the winter is relentless in giving your feet a hard time. The same reason has launched you into endlessly browsing the online markets for the best heated insoles you can use to add protection to your feet You’ve probably been in several online stores, and you’re still probably wondering “What heated insoles should I get?”

If you’re trapped in a dilemma related to the top heated insoles you should put your money on, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of foot care experts and winter care enthusiasts went to great lengths to help you find the heated insoles that match your needs without stressing you too much!

If finding the best heated insoles that are worth the money in your to-do list, read this review.

How Did We Decide?

What is involved in our process of choosing which products make it to this list? Simple – we asked the experts to make the work easier and more precise.

For two weeks, we asked winter sports enthusiasts and foot care experts to review and rate the best heated insoles to make winter less brrrr and more yeahhhh!

Out of all their reviews, we were able to glean the 4 non-negotiable factors when choosing the best heated insoles to buy this 2022!

First, the heated insoles should be capable of giving the best heat quality.

Look for the amount of heat your chosen heated insoles can give. Some of the best heated insoles in the market can heat up to 58 degree Celsius!

Second, it should be comfortable to the feet.

You can’t afford having to deal with wobbly, uncomfortable heated insoles because that would be double bummer.

Third, it should have the right size.

When the size is right, the heated insoles can feel snug and ideal for every step! Find a customizable heated insole you can easily cut.

Fourth, it should be useful for more than one purpose.

The heated insoles should be ideal not just for winter sports but for regular winter activities like taking a walk, shoveling snow off the driveway, and doing groceries.

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are the top 4 products that stood out!

1.Best Overall: AvaTemp Remote Control Heated Insoles with Arch Support for Men and Women

While looking for the highly recommended heated insoles that we will include in this list, we really prioritized comfort. When it comes to the ultimate comfort – while also getting the benefits of heat therapy to the feet – we recommend the AvaTemp.

The first impressive thing about the AvaTemp is it can be controlled by a remote. This non-cord, non-wire feature can make it easy for you to switch temperature and adjust the quality of heat on your soles.

The AvaTemp comes with three heating options – high, mid, and low. The high setting can reach up to 70-degrees Celsius; mid up to 60-degrees celsius; and low up to 50-degrees Celsius.

Another thing we love about the AvaTemp is its arch-support design. This feature ensures that even though your feet might be bundled up in heated soles, you won’t compromise comfort in every step. This design helps you avoid getting cramped, exhausted feet.

The AvaTemp is unisex – men and women can comfortably wear it in their boots or in their shoes!

With a 2500 mAh battery, you can be assured that the heat in these soles are long lasting.

Recommended features

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2.PrixHit- Heated Insole With Remote Control

Are you looking for long lasting heated insoles that can help your feet escape the cold for up to 4 hours? If you’re always staying out during the winter, one of the longest-lasting products to invest on is the PrixHit.

The PrixHit can last up to 10 hours. On its lowest setting – and if the battery is fully charged – you can get 10 hours of warmth beneath your feet. If you’re going to use the highest setting at 55-degrees Celsius, you can get up to 4 hours of warmth.

Safety is top priority for these heated insoles. With its carbon layering, you can get intense heat without getting burned, electrocuted, or made to feel uncomfortable.

The PrixHit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can fit these soles to slip on slippers, shoes, boots, and even winter gear!

We love how you can easily see all the information you need regarding the PrixHit – the heated insoles include a LED setting that flashes all the key details.

All these settings for the PrixHit you can conveniently access and use via a remote.

These heated insoles are also one of the fastest-heating products in the market. In just 30 seconds, you can already feel a change on your feet.

A great gift to people who need to stay a little while in the cold.

Key Features



"Very Good"

3.XerxoWarm Rechargeable Heated Insoles for the Winter

If all the stories you’ve heard about the heated insoles include discomfort, and low-performing heat, we assure you not all hope is lost. In fact, we recently discovered how game changing the XerxoWarm rechargeable heated insoles are.

The XerxoWarm doesn’t skimp on comfort. It is made of stretchable EVA material and light, elastic softsole with good cushioning. We love how the XerxoWarm makes every step extra comfortable – it’s like you’re walking with no added insoles.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sneakerhead or a boots kind of person – what makes the XerxoWarm stand out is its customizable design. The heated insoles work well in regular shoes and winter boots.

The heated insoles can warm up your feet to up to 58-degrees Celsius – hot enough to thaw any uncomfortable cold settling on your feet.

The XerxoWarm includes a rechargeable battery that – when fully charged – can last up to 90 minutes!

A great item to buy if you’re looking into enjoying winter activities even more!

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"Very Great"

4.FyroSole Foot Warmer and Heated Insoles

To the people who love winter activities, we hear you. We know the struggles of not finding the heated insoles that could keep up to the intensity of your winter adventures. But we have good news – you can now take on your winter adventures better with the FyroSole.

FyroSole is heavy duty – it is thicker compared to regular insoles and it’s great for preventing cold when you need to bury your legs on the snow.

This heated insole works well when you go into high-action activities like skiing, mountain climbing, trekking, and snowboarding. You can be assured it will stay in place and not move.

The heat quality of the FyroSole is topnotch – it ranges between 40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.

All the controls of the FyroSole can be found in one handy remote! You can easily switch heat levels without tinkering the heated insoles too much.

The FyroSole is 100% safe to use – it comes with a protective layer to prevent your feet from getting burned or electrocuted.

The perfect gift for fun loving winter enthusiasts out there.

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Taking extra precautions for our feet during this winter time can save us from a lot of pain and grumpy days. You don’t need to go great lengths to ensure your feet are well taken care of. With a great quality heated insole, you can welcome winter without the fear of getting cold feet…literally.

The suggested heated insoles above were personally tested, tried, and reviewed to give you the best options to splurge on this 2022!

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