Review: The Top 3 Best Heated Scarves to Buy To Get You Cozy and Warmed Up in the Winter

Winter comes with its set of pains and challenges – including making you wear layers and layers of clothing just to get you warmed up. Fortunately, there’s a big solution if you hate bulking up for the winter – heated scarves! 

We’re meticulous about heated scarves because we know it can save us from enduring bulky clothing and extreme cold. Because of this, our team wants to make sure we only go for the best, no-fail, most reliable heated scarves! 

For two weeks, we tried and tested fifteen of the most popular heated scarves on the market to see which of them can beat the cold without the bulk and layers. 

Read on for our recommendations! 

How We Decided

With the help of outdoor aficionados who spend their winter time often with activities such as skiing, hiking, and snowboarding, we meticulously checked for the following qualities in heated scarves: 

Heat Capacity and Adjustability

We looked for heated scarves that have multiple heating levels so that users can feel warmed up no matter the type of weather. 


Scarves that come with breathable, gentle material rank high on our list. We checked each scarf for fabric quality. 


Since heat is involved in heated scarves, we made sure to choose the ones that are guaranteed safe. 


We opted for heated scarves that can last for a long time – 5 hours minimum. 


We wanted heated scarves that are easy to charge even on the go. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the ones that stood out. 

1.Best Overall: SnugScarf Chargeable Polyester Fiber Heated Scarf That Can Heat fron 45-65 Degree Celsius | Like You're Wearing Three Scarves!

If you want to make the switch to a lightweight but effective heated scarf that can stand the onslaught of outdoor cold, you will love the SnugScarf.

Made with breathable and lightweight polyester, the SnugScarf works wonders as a single layer scarf. The SnugScarf comes with adjustable heat levels that range from 45 to 65 degrees Celsius – a great range for moderate to extremely cold days.

We love the fact that the SnugScarf comes with a USB port for charging. You can power it up with a powerbank so you can use the scarf for a long time.

If you are looking for skin-friendly scarves, we recommend the SnugScarf. This item is made with ultra-soft polyester fiber that isn’t hard on the skin.

When we tried the SnugScarf, it felt like we were getting the warmth of three layers of scarves!

Safety-wise, SnugScarf is rated 10. The heated points come with a special covering that spares you from getting burned or electrocuted.

If you’re looking for a scarf that is both stylish and reliable in keeping you warm, the SnugScarf is your best bet.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




2.WrapSeusse Heated Scarf and Neck Massager for Cold-Induced pains | USB Powered Rechargeable Heated Scarf with 3 Heating Mode and 4 Massage Modes | Made with Skin-friendly Velvet and Polyester

WrapSeusse is on our top list for its remarkable feature – it includes a neck massager that targets common pain points in the neck caused by the cold.

The WrapSeusse comes in a soft velvet material that’s not only gentle but soothing as well. But don’t be fooled by the material – its knitting ensures that the heat stay in.

The heating levels of the WrapSeusses come in three modes – low, mid, and high. Ranging from 30-50 degree Celsius.

The massage feature comes in four modes – massage, comfortable, strengthen, and powerful. We love how the massager feature relaxes the spine muscles.

The WrapSeusse comes with a USB port for charging. You can conveniently use a powerbank to charge it anytime, anywhere.

When fully charged, this heated scarf-slash-massager can last up to 5 hours!

A single layer of this scarf is enough for indoor and outdoor use!

The stylish design of the WrapSeusse is perfect for your winter style.

Key Features



"Very Great"

3.PaxtopWrap Fast Heating Heated Scarf with USB Port for Powerbank Charging | 3 Heating Modes | Wool and Polyester Scarf | Continuos Temperature Control Prevents Burns

If you’re looking for a fast-heating heated scarf, we recommend the PaxtopWrap.

This heated scarf heats up in just a minute from the moment you turn it off! It also comes with a unique knitting design that keeps heat in for a long, long time.

But oh, don’t worry about the temperature going out of control! The PaxTop comes with a temperature regulator that prevents overheating that can cause burns.

The PaxtoWrap comes with three heating modes – first, second, and third gear. The temperature range is from 30 degrees C to 55 degrees C. The one-button operation makes shifting temperatures easy.

The PaxtoWrap comes with a fleece lining that’s ultra soft and gentle on your neck. The puffed-up design also provides additional cushion and warmth.

With its infrared technology, the PaxtoWrap sends heat deep into the muscles to not just warm you up but will also soothe your cold-pained muscles!

Stylish and effective, the PaxtoWrap is a must-have this winter.

Key Features


"Very Good"



Heated scarves can work wonder for you this winter season. Powerful in warming you up without compromising your style, you can ditch the layers with these heated scarves. 

Check out our recommendations above for the best picks. Trusted by outdoor fans during the winter time, you can be assured that each recommended product can help you feel that comforting, snuggly warmth! 

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