Review: The Best Heated Socks to Buy in 2023 for Foot Care in Colder Days

If you’ve ever experienced dealing with prick-like pains in your feet when the colder days come, you might have already wondered “Is there a remedy for this?” You search for the best foot care solutions online and you stumble upon heated socks. Now, you’re on the hunt for the best heated socks in the market. Still a big question looms over your head “How do I know I’m getting the best heating socks for my feet?”

Our avid review team has got you covered. We took time to really go through the recommended heated socks in the market to make sure we only recommend the best of the bests here.

Read on to learn more about our top 4 picks for the best heated socks to buy in 2022.

But First, What Makes a Heated Sock Good? 

And how do you not confuse them as regular socks?

Heated socks are all over the market so it’s easy to feel confused as to how you should go about choosing the top picks out there. We felt that too, when we started the review. To help us really narrow down our choices, we asked the recommendations from tech geeks, foot care experts, and adventure junkies. This is to ensure that we have expert-recommended products to refer to you!

Out of all their recommendations and suggestions, these top 4 factors on what to look for in heated socks.

Heating Capacity

The socks should have the heating capacity to allow users to really feel the benefits of heated soles during winter. Choose a pair that has a heating power that can be adjusted so it can come in handy on multiple occasions.

Comfort and Breathability

When choosing the socks, think about how you would feel when you have them on. They shouldn’t feel too different from your regular socks. Look for materials made from polyester, wool, and even cotton.


You should be able to use the socks not only during foot care sessions but also to outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, running, and trekking in the snow.


Look for socks that are designed with tight-knit yarns and durable webbings so you can use your pair for a long, long time.

Out of all the socks we reviewed, here are the top 4 heating socks that truly stood out.

1.Best Overall:MareeTuzz Rechargeable Heated Socks for Cold Weather, Arthritis, Muscle Pain

Do you hate doing anything during the winter because your feet just can’t handle all the pain it’s getting? If you want to buy heated socks because you want to alleviate foot pain during the colder weather, we highly suggest you check the MareeTuzz.

The MareeTuzz heating socks astounded us in the way it can quickly lessen the pain brought about by the almost-zero temperature. When we bundled up our feet with the MareeTuzz, we felt instant relief!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will enjoy MareeTuzz for its breathable and flexible material. You can layer it with your traditional sports footwear without making you feel bulky or uncomfortable.

The MareeTuzz are also ideal for indoor use. The stretchy and smooth nylon is great for foot care while you’re inside the house. You can watch tv, read a book, or talk to your friends and MareeTuzz will do the foot business for you!

We also love how the MareeTuzz can function without constantly changing batteries. The MareeTuzz is rechargeable, long-lasting, and very low-maintenance.

The perfect health gift for this winter.

Recommended features

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2.RemiFlow- Electric Heated Socks Ultra Comfortable for Everyday Wear

Are you looking for heated socks that can also be used like regular socks? The RemiFlow is our best suggestion!

The impressive material of the RemiFlow makes the socks both durable and flexible. It is such a breeze to wear; you can put this on with your other socks for your outdoor activity outfits. The thick cotton material is absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, elastic thickened, soft, which is ideal for all sorts of winter activities.

The socks feature both sole and instep heating to ensure you get all the warmth and comfort your feet will be needing. The RemiFlow’s heating element is powered by an infrared fiber pad that distributes heat evenly. The socks can turn the heat on in just 30 seconds.

Apart from its benefits for outdoor use, the RemiFlow is also a topnotch choice for winter foot care. If you’re experiencing arthritis, muscle pain, joint stiffness, and muscle exhaustion, the RemiFlow can bring comfort.

We love how you can comfortably use the RemiFlow both indoors and outdoors – truly a pair of socks that can bring a bang for your buck!

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"Very Good"

3.VaxoSox Battery Powered Heated Socks Best Warming Socks for Winter

This one is for those who stay in colder areas for long! When we reviewed the VaxoSox, one feature really stood out – that it can warm your feet up for up to 10 hours!

The design of the socks see to it that the entire sole area gets warm and toasty. The way the socks are made also ensures that issues like muscle pains, arthritis, stiff joints can be targeted.

The socks come with three temperature options. The low setting lasts up to 10 hours; the mid one lasts up to 7 hours; and the high heat option can rev your feet up for up to 5 hours.

What sets the VaxoSox apart from its other contemporaries is its improved heating element. Instead of the traditional pads, the socks now come with flat, carbon fiber line heating that heats up your feet without making you feel like you are wearing the heaviest, bulkiest socks in the world.

The socks are made from mink hair and elastic material so you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong size, or feeling like your feet just got suffocated.

Indeed, the best gift for those who love the cold, but hate the cold on their feet!

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"Very Great"

4.HevoStep Electric and Rechargeable Heated Socks With Batteries

“Foot care has never been the same since HevoStep!” Alice, mom of 4.

If your feet feel battered, you won’t have to wave a white flag anymore and just give up. When we reviewed the HevoStep, we were really impressed at how these socks can bring expert-level footcare right to your doorsteps.

The HevoStep heats up fast – like 60 seconds fast. No more waiting time. Turn them on and wait for the effect to happen. You have 3 heating options with these socks – low, mid, and high. With these 3 options, you can go for heating quality that’s ideal for daily use, for breezier days, or for moments when the almost-zero-degree cold hits your feet. The entire foot area receives top notch warmth.

The HevoStep is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for socks that can match their outdoor adventures. You can still get your feet warm and toasty even if you’re hiking, biking, trekking, and doing your favorite winter activities. The battery of the HevoStep is also for heavy-duty use. The socks can warm up your feet for up to 7 hours!

Size also doesn’t matter – at least for the HevoStep comes with a stretchable and breathable material that makes it such a low-maintenance but durable all-around socks for colder days.

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Our feet handle a lot of movements every day. It’s one of the most exhausted parts of our body. Investing in heated socks can make winter a little less painful. We understand how tough it is to find heated socks. You can refer to our review if you’re looking for heated socks that have been personally tested, tried, and rated by experts and unbiased reviewers.

In this review, you can find recommendations that are truly worth the money.

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