Top 5 Best Pillows of 2023 – These Will Transform Your Sleep

Like mattresses, pillows play a major role in how well you sleep – and finding the right one can be challenging. Shoppers today have a lot to consider in terms of composition and fill, thickness, durability, temperature regulation, and pain relief. You should also take personal factors into account when searching for a new pillow. People with neck and shoulder pain may need a pillow with an orthopedic shape, while heavy snorers often require a high-loft pillow to keep their heads upright. Your sleeping position, weight, and body mechanics can all affect how your pillow feels.

Our testing team uses a comprehensive methodology when evaluating pillows. This process consists of multiple stages, during which our testers lie on and handle the pillow to gauge its shape retention, moldability, and conforming ability. Additional tests evaluate the pillow for temperature control and odor potential, and we also take weight, firmness options, and ease of cleaning into account. Our selections for the best pillows are chosen using our testers’ scores along with in-depth research and analysis.

Our Verdict — What’s the Best Pillow of the Year?

Choosing the right pillow can promote even spinal alignment, alleviate neck and shoulder pain, and help you sleep at a comfortable temperature. We’ve named the Sleepgram’s 3-in-1 Adjustable Pillow the best pillow of the year thanks to its strong balance of contouring and support, plus excellent cooling properties. Neither too firm nor too squishy, this pillow is just right for a wide array of sleepers.

Below our top picks you’ll find a buyer’s guide that can help you learn tips for finding your perfect pillow. This guide includes a complete rundown on pillow types and important criteria for shoppers. We’ll take an extensive look at pillow materials, loft, firmness, and shape so that you can choose the best one for your personal preferences. You can also find helpful information on what to expect when it comes to average costs, cover materials, and sizing.




"The best in market"

3,731 Reviews





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Coop Eden



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Purple Harmony Pillow




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"The best in market"

3,731 Reviews

I have been struggling to find the perfect pillow for months. I have tried multiple different types and brands, but none of them seemed to provide the right amount of support and comfort I need.

I would have to flip the pillow over multiple times during the night to find a comfortable position.

And If I found a good position, I would wake up sometime later having to fluff the pillow to make it comfortable again.

Then I read about the Sleepgram Pillow! Their pillow was just what I had been looking for. It is designed to be adjustable and adaptable for every kind of preference!

First Impression & Delivery

I ordered the Sleepgram Pillow on their official website and was immediately welcomed with a 50% discount and a 30-day Money-Back guarantee.

Even though I was already feeling optimistic after the discount, I was further impressed when it arrived only three days later.

Even when I picked up the Sleepgram Pillow, its satisfying texture, weight, and unique firmness continued to impress.

How Does It Work?

The Sleepgram Pillow is made up of thousands of nano-coil threads.

Each of the nano-coils has a 3D-helicoidal structure that resembles a spring.

They work to softly support your neck and cradle your head by counteracting gravity at the microscopic level.

It’s a weightless sensation of complete comfort!

High Quality & Longevity

The nano-coils are made out of a modified polymer, and a carefully designed surface finish that gives the fibers exceptional resilience and endurance.

This is how the Sleepgram Pillow is able to hold its shape.

While regular pillows lose their shape after a few minutes of lying down.

The Sleepgram Pillow was able to hold its shape for more than ONE THOUSAND days and nights!

Simply told, no other pillow on the market is able to fulfill this promise.

Adjustable Thickness For Total Comfort

I used to prefer a thin pillow so that I could fold and fluff it up to my ideal size and shape.

But with a Sleepgram Pillow, it’s like having three pillows in one! And you can personalize it to your exact preference.

Astronaut-Inspired Temperature Regulating Technology

Say goodbye to night sweats and overheating, it won’t keep you up any longer!

Sleepgram Pillow uses a phase change technology that is microencapsulated and applied to soft cotton. The technology is inspired by the fabric developed for NASA space suits and helps you stay perfectly comfortable all year round!

Prevent Pain And Stiffness

I immediately felt the effect of the Sleepgram Pillow when I tested it.

My neck and head rested perfectly on the first try, I didn’t have to flip or puff it at all.

My theory is that the base layer stabilizes the pillow while the medium layer works to perfectly mold against my neck and head.

Your body naturally regenerates itself as you sleep, allowing your muscles to unwind and re-energize you for the day ahead.

But millions of individuals all around the world wake up every morning with stiffness, pain, and discomfort that can extend all the way down their spines.

The Sleepgram Pillow prevents and soothes neck and head pains by giving your neck and head the perfect amount of support they need, without any of the issues that conventional pillows might exacerbate or create.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Sleepgram Pillow to Everyone!

I used to have a whole routine where I folded and forced my old pillow into a shape that fit my neck. And I could never buy new pillows because they’re always too stiff.

But since I started using the Sleepgram Pillow, I’ve been able to rest peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed.

I even got rid of the pain in my neck and shoulders.

I used to think the pain came from working in front of the computer all day.

But since the stiffness and pain went away the same night I switched to Sleepgram, I realize just how important this pillow is!

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"The best in market"

3,731 Reviews

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